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The Pinnacle of Stud Earrings

Why choose diamonds?

Diamonds are the pinnacle of classical beauty and class. Their pristine and translucent nature makes them extremely desirable, and the gemstones durability is unrivaled. Why choose diamonds? Because they're the best of the best, the truest sense of classic. Whether its a wedding band, engagement rings, diamond earrings, or some other jewelry piece, those who wear diamonds send a message: "I am classy."

Sure, they may come at a premium, but they're worth it if diamonds are your gemstone of choice. They're the standard for formal and black tie events, but they've also slid into modern fashion standards. Below is your guide to all things diamond earrings.

Occasions for diamonds

Diamonds are primarily fit for black tie events or other formal gatherings. The trick is that the piece has to remain subtle. Thankfully with a strict dress code of dark suits and dresses, your diamonds will function as a slight contrast. Earrings are already quite subtle, but they give just enough pop to guide the gaze of others.

Diamond earrings are especially versatile in style. Because their sizes range so greatly, you can easily wear small diamond studs that won't detract from your casual looks. If you're somebody who goes big, certainly consider something more bombastic, such as diamond drops to really play up the glam factor.

At the end of the day it comes down to what you want. With diamonds not being reserved for high class events these days you can find many fantastical spins on classic diamond fashion, such as gold and diamond pairings, and even black diamonds.

Why choose the diamond stud?

The diamond stud is the most reserved of the diamond earring family. They're brilliantly simple. What's fascinating about them is how much of a statement they make comes down to their size. Small studs can still do exactly what studs are supposed to do: draw the gaze to they eyeline. But larger studs begin to shine all their own and become conversation points. Large diamonds are also a sign of class and wealth, so it's obvious why they become such a talking point.

By far the best reason to go for diamond studs are that they're low maintenance. There's no frills, no dangling, nothing that can get caught in your hair. They're elegant and simple, they pair very well with most outfits, and they're designed to make your eyes pop. What else could you possibly want? If you want to push the stud even further, if you're looking to add some edge and attitude to your look consider black diamond studs. Some may accuse diamonds of being plain for their consistent beauty. Going for a black diamond will rob the naysayers of any ground, while you look uniquely stunning with them in.

Other diamond earring styles

Diamond hoops

Diamond hoops are a great choice if you need a little extra oomph for your diamonds. The shapliness of hoops helps draw the eyes to the jawline, and they're a great choice for bold face shapes. The freedom of shape that comes with hoops leads to some wonderfully playful designs and they're sure to win over your heart. If you're hoping to step up your earring game a few notches you should strongly consider the diamond hoop.

Diamond drops

The most freeform of the earring shapes, the right pair can make the most of your dress outfit or your favorite casual look. These earrings are far more decorative than the others which makes them more expressive. If you're someone who doesn't like the idea of studs, or has a longer face they want to accentuate, consider diamond hoops. This style is great for business occasions as well, considering that many designs utilize other gemstones and accent diamonds.