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From our friends at Dickies workwear: "Dickies is an internationally recognised brand with a long history of quality, style and affordability. Each product is designed to be durable and longwearing, with only the latest technology used to provide wearers with the most effective safety features. From plumbers to electricians and even executives, consumers in a wide array of professions choose Dickies as their preferred brand."

Kohl's is proud to be among the leading distributors of this prestigious brand. Now more than ever, Dickies delivers strong, sustainable everyday workwear for men and women of all shapes and sizes, for all lines of work. Dig Kohl's diverse array of Dickies clothing and accessories!

Men's Dickies

The man in you will do nearly any task and as for compensation, there is little you will ask except clothing like Dickies to get through the workday, year after year. Dive into Dickies nearly indestructible design, delivered in tops, bottoms and accessories for men. And oh, what a wonderful feeling-just to know that Dickies has you covered from your toes to your ears!

Men's Dickies Tops

Dickies tops are iconic for their longevity, style and daily comfort. Men worldwide wear Dickies tops because, just like them, they show up everyday for work, rough and ready. Don't let their tough exterior fool you, fellahs, these tops are plenty comfortable; in fact, you may find yourself wearing the button down top for nights out on the town, too.

Mens Dickies Bottoms

Long days are tough on your legs and call for long-lasting, flexible pants and overalls. If you're tired of pants that lose their shape after one shift, feast your eyes on the Dickies collection of work pants. Let Dickies take care of you while you take care of business.

Mens Dickies Accessories

Keep those pants firmly in place with our classic collection of Dickies belts. Nothing holds the work clothing together better. Slap a sturdy Dickies wallet in the back pocket of your Dickies work pants; that way, you'll be ready to spring for tacos when the truck slides in on Tuesday. Check out our chain wallets and classic billfold and tri fold styles.

Women's Dickies

You work hard for your money: Dickies thinks your clothing better treat you right. Stay loose and limber for all the livelong day in our full line of Women's workwear. From pants to overalls, from tees to skirts, Kohl's has got the whole workday array in order. Day after day, high-performance clothing from Dickies will provide the comfort and stability necessary to keep on trucking, while feeling (and looking) good doing it.

Dickies Shoes for Men and Women

Your shoes may not be the first thing your co-workers notice, but they are, in all honesty, the most important piece of equipment you will wear on a long workday on a tough assignment. Gear up properly for safety and performance in Dickies shoes, designed specifically for high-impact hours on the job and on your feet. Whether you work indoors or outdoors, Dickies has the footwear you need to stand tall all day, everyday. Shop shoes for men and women at Kohl's, featuring our incredible lineup of Dickies shoes.