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Disney Princess Dolls & Doll Houses

Playing with dolls and doll houses encourage your child's imagination & creativity. Your child is free to investigate & learn about the world around them when engaged in imaginary play. Psychologists also believe that the narratives created by playing with a doll house can help solidify social skills and strengthen their vocabulary. And Disney is all about storytelling! That's why Kohl's hopes to inspire you with our great assortment of Disney princess and friends dolls and doll houses!

Disney princess dolls are great for children of any age. So naturally our collection includes a selection of Disney dolls for toddlers. For your little songbird, try singing Disney dolls. They'll love to sing along with their favorite character. You can also find Disney princess dolls and doll house in all the best brands. Check out these Hasbro Disney dolls and this Fisher Price Disney doll house!

We also offer plenty of other playtime essentials for kids of all ages. Take play time outside with one of the many outdoor toys we offer! Encouraging active play, our outdoor toys keep your little one moving and having fun! Whether your child likes to swing on a swing set, slide down a slide, or ride around on a supercool vehicle, we have it covered!

Not only can toys be something your child loves to have fun with, but they can also teach and help develop your child’s motor skills and abilities, too! With toys that feature bright colors, different shapes, and a variety of other functions and features that stimulate your child’s mind, our assortment provides plenty of options that will assist in your little one's development!

At Kohl's, the Disney princess dolls and doll houses we offer can capture the interest & imagination of any child and make your child's playtime is both fun and purposeful.