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Dolls & Doll Houses

Your little one will love to use their imagination when they play with Dolls from Kohl's! At Kohl's we have all the baby dolls and Doll Houses your little one is sure to love. Find all the kids toys you need for their playime at Kohl's!

Types of Dolls

At Kohl's, we offer many different types of dolls for your child. We have a wide variety of dolls to choose from, including popular Disney Princess dolls and Barbie dolls - all which are sure to offer hours of fun for your little one.

We also offer adorable baby dolls that can be cared for by your child! These kinds of dolls have features that make them even more cute, like opening and closing eyes, supercute clothing, and more!

Other dolls you can find at Kohl's include dress-up dolls, L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, various playsets, and many others, so playtime will never run out of fun!

Doll Houses, Accessories, & More

To go along with the dolls your pick up for your child, you're sure to want to get the matching accessories and doll houses that go along with them!

Doll houses provide your child's dolls a place to "live", along with a way for your little one to really let their imagination bloom! Doll houses come in many shapes and sizes, from castles for princesses to multi-level homes that feature rooms and furnishings!

For even extra fun, add in some doll accessories that will take playtime to a whole new level! Accessories include fun new outfits for dolls to wear, doll strollers for on-the-go fun, doll cribs, doll high chairs, and plenty of other sweet add-ons!

At Kohl's, you know that you can find all the toys your children need for the perfect playtime. Be sure to shop our full line of kids toys, clothes and other essentials for all their everyday needs!

Dolls and accessories from Kohl's are the perfect addition to any playtime session. Find all your toys needs at Kohl's, and get them ready to have a blast during playtime!