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Kettles for Dorm Rooms

Make dorm living as easy and efficient as possible with Dorm Coffee Makers from Kohl's! Our wide variety of Kettles for Dorm Rooms provides everything you need to make tasty tea and coffee with ease. Find all the dorm decor options you're looking for at Kohl's!

Kohl's has all the different brands of coffee makers you know and love, including Keurig dorm coffee makers. We also have other drink-making essentials, including dorm electric kettles and plenty of dorm coffee makers that will help keep you awake for light-night study sessions. Be sure to also check out our other decor and accessories that will give your dorm a smart look!

Dorm room small appliances from Kohl's keep your school-time abode feeling just like home. Find all the dorm accessories you need at Kohl's!