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Dorm Wall Decor

Elevate the look of your dorm room with stylish, unique, and personalized wall decor found at Kohl’s! While dorm rooms on their own tend to be a bit bland with little in the way of charm or personality, it doesn’t have to stay that way! Kohl’s provides plenty of wall decor items that give your space at school a touch of style, while also even providing some useful functionality, too!

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Types of Dorm Wall Decor

Wall decor, in general, comes in many shapes and sizes. You’re also able to find wall decor options that simply offer a fun, charming, or bold look, but there are other options that offer much more than that!

For example, consider wall mirrors in your dorm room. First off, a mirror helps you get ready for the day, by allowing you to see your appearance as you dress and prep for classes. A mirror can also work to make your dorm room feel bigger, as the reflection a mirror provides offers the illusion of more space.

Another type of functional dorm wall decor is a wall clock. This ensures that you are always on time and will make it to your classes promptly! If a wall clock isn’t your thing, then look for an alarm clock that is built to get you up and at ‘em when you need to be!

Other functional wall decor includes dry-erase boards, including dry-erase calendars, that allow you to jot notes, keep track of your schedule, and share information with your roommates when they might be away.

And if you’re looking for decor that will spark your imagination, or get you ready for that big test coming up, shop our selection of inspirational wall decor! These options also make great gifts for grads!

Shop Kohl’s for all your home decor needs, as well as for decor for when you head off to college! With dorm room essentials like wall art, bedding, electronics, and more, Kohl’s is the place for any college student to get ready for their upcoming school year!