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Dresses and Jumpsuits for Women's, Juniors, Girls and Baby

True Elegance

A Grand Selection

Womens Dresses

Whether it’s the dead of Winter, or the sweltering midpoint of Summer, one fashion piece is a must: the dress. They can be elegant, professional, sexy, cozy, or downright stunning. Dresses have an amazing amount of utility for work, events, or low-maintenance lounging days. You can find just about any style of dress you can imagine at Kohl’s. There’s no better time to grow your wardrobe than now, so go find your new favorite dress!

Juniors Dresses

When your little girl gets a little more grown up, she’s going to grow out of her childhood tastes. The best part of growing up means that it’s that much easier to dabble in modern fashion, which means that dress sets, maxis, jumpers and rompers, and casual dresses are fair game. Without a doubt, there’s a dress that will become your junior’s defining style for years to come, and you’re likely to find it here at Kohl’s.

Girl Dresses

Looking for the perfect dress for you little girl? Kohl’s has you covered with a significant collection of dresses featuring sensible designs, vibrant colors, and some of her favorite characters. You can find stylish modern designs like sweater dresses, shirt dresses, long sleeved, sleeveless, two piece sets, event and holiday dresses. Whatever the occasion, you can bet that your daughter will be looking her best.

Baby Dresses

When your little one needs to look impossibly cute what do you do? If you don’t have an answer for that question, consider finding just the right dress at Kohl’s. You can find dresses for every size from 0-24 months, with a flurry of adorable designs, colors, and patterns. Need holiday dresses? You can find those too.

Plus Size Dresses

Dresses are too amazing to only be for a small selection of body types. Kohl’s features a great selection of plus size dresses so you can find just the right look for you. Whether you’re looking for a party, maxi, evening, or the latest fashion dress you can find the right dress to accent your natural beauty.



Handbags are arguably the most important accessory in your fashion arsenal. Your wardrobe has to do it all: impress and attract, repel and intimidate, proclaim and conquer. You can’t leave home to do any of those things without your most important tools, which requires just the right handbag for the occasion. You can control the room if you’re working a suit and carrying a sleek black shoulder bag. But you also can’t woo your partner without the perfect dress and petite wristlet purse. Dig into Kohl’s selection of purses and handbags so you can turn up the heat on your first impressions.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are the pinnacle of classical beauty and class. Their pristine and translucent nature makes them extremely desirable, and the gemstones durability is unrivaled. Why choose diamonds? Because they’re the best of the best, the truest sense of classic. Whether its wedding bands, engagement rings, diamond earrings, or some other jewelry piece, those who wear diamonds send a message: “I am classy.” Sure, they may come at a premium, but they’re worth it if diamonds are your gemstone of choice. They’re the standard for formal and black tie events, but they’ve also slid into modern fashion standards.


One of the most overlooked accessories is the watch. Why own a watch in the age of smartphones and wearables that all tell time? If you haven’t seen a classically designed watch in a while, you may have forgotten: watches are regal. If you need to give off an air of class you won’t want to sleep on the watch. They can serve as a unique replacement for a bracelet or bangle, and they look amazing with business fashion.