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Glassware & Drinkware

When entertaining guests in your home, be sure to serve beverages in glassware from Kohl's. Find everything your home needs, from coffee mugs and teacups to sturdy tumbler glasses and delicate stemware. For more on-trend options, check out our assortment of mason jar glasses or copper mule cups. Explore etched and cut glassware sets that will sparkle on holiday tables. Replace those mismatched cocktail glasses with a brand new set perfect for dinner parties or just a girls' night in. If you're planning large parties or simple meals at home, be sure to also stock up on our amazing assortment of pots, pans, and other cookware you’ll need. No matter what the occasion calls for, you'll be set to serve in style with our wide selection of kitchen and dining essentials.

Types of Wine Glasses

Pairing your wine with the right glass can be a tricky task. Each type of wine requires a specific style of glass for proper service, and the type of glass used also helps a wine reach its full flavor potential. Guests will appreciate your attention to detail when you make the right match.

Red Wine Glass

Red wines are best served in larger, rounder glasses with wide openings for aroma detection.

Bordeaux Red Wine Glasses

The Bordeaux glass is taller than traditional red wine glasses but with a smaller bowl. It is designed specifically for heavier, full-bodied wines like Cabernets and Merlots.

All-Purpose Wine Glasses

With a bowl shape somewhere between a typical red wine glass and white wine glass, the all-purpose glass is acceptable for use with both types of wine.

White Wine Glass

When compared to a red wine glass, a white wine glass bowl is more U-shaped and upright. Its shape and stature allow aromas to be released while maintaining a cooler temperature.

Sparkling Wine Glasses / Champagne Flutes

A sparkling wine glass, or flute, is much more upright and narrow in comparison to other wine glasses. Its distinct size and shape help to retain carbonation and capture the flavor.

Stemless Wine Glass

Available in bowl shapes that accommodate red or white wines, stemless glasses offer a contemporary look that's great for entertaining. They're also comfortable to hold and tip over less easily than traditional wine glasses.

Other Drinkware Options

Who says that you have to go out to sip on a cold drink in a nice cup? Whether you're sipping on a soft drink or a cocktail, you'll enjoy your experience with our collection of drinking glasses.

Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

Similar to a tumbler and typically 12 to 16 ounces in capacity, this popular cocktail glass is the ideal choice for mixed drinks.

Goblet Glasses

With a versatile shape that easily fits ice cubes, goblets are great for water, iced tea, mixed drinks and more.

Martini Glass

This sleek, long-stemmed glass with an inverted cone bowl is mainly used to serve chilled, aromatic cocktails.

Margarita Glass

A variant of the classic champagne couple, the margarita glass is your go-to for classic blended margaritas. It can also be used to serve guacamole or shrimp cocktails.

Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are a must-have for any bar. Its one-ounce design is great for sampling and serving a variety of liquors.

Beer Growler

Often made of glass or ceramic, this ½ gallon jug is used to transport draft beer. While most commonly sold at breweries and brewpubs, growlers make a great addition to any home bar.

Whether you just need a few pieces of drinkware to fill out your collection, a few unique and useful gifts or an entire table-full of formal glassware, we can help you find it all at great prices. So raise a glass and toast to the versatile drinkware found at Kohl's!