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Duffel and Gym Bags

When you need help shouldering the load, a duffel bag can be your best friend! No matter the situation, duffel bags provide ample storage capacity and durability, making them versatile options for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Duffel Bag History

The term “duffel bag” comes from the Belgian town of Duffel, a place where the thick cloth used in the first namesake cylindrical originated. The very first duffel bags appeared in the 17th century, with the first mention of the term occurring in 1677. Today, the term refers to more than just those cylindrical, open-top bags; many types of gym bags and luggage now fall under the generic “duffel bag” term.

Finding the Right Duffel Bag

Many important factors come into play when choosing the right duffel bag. You need to consider things like material, capacity, size, and more, looking for the bag that best suits your needs. Let's take a look at some of those factors more in depth.

  • Materials

    The material a duffel bag is made of indicates durability, as well as weight, the potential for waterproofing, and more. Materials can vary greatly between brands and styles, so be sure to research which material is best for you.

  • Capacity/Size

    The actual storage capacity of the bag you have in mind plays a huge role in understanding what situations a bag is best used in. Large duffel bags can hold many items, but are not suitable for use as carry-on baggage on an airplane, for example.

Here are some guidelines to give you a sense of duffel bag sizes, and what types of uses the bags may have:

  • Small duffel bags, 10-20 liters: ideal for an overnight trip or for use as an underseat carry-on on an airplane.

  • Medium duffel bags, 30-50 liters: ideal for a weekend trip. This group includes larger carry-on options and gym bags.

  • Large duffel bags, 50-75 liters: best for a week-long trip that could also require more equipment for various outdoor activities like climbing or hiking.

  • Extra-large duffel bags, 75 liters-100 liters: for the most adventurous of excursions that can last multiple weeks.

Remember, these are basic guidelines and sizes can vary based on many factors. Be sure to shop around, do research, and compare bags to find the perfect bag for you.


Duffel bags can offer many different features that aid in convenience. Some bags feature wheels and pull handles, which allow for quick and easy transportation over smooth surfaces. Many bags have straps that are ergonomically designed to maximize comfort, while minimizing effort.

Other features, like the way the bag's large compartment zips open, are just as vital. If the bag's opening unzips in a D-shape, it will allow you more room to access the compartment than a bag that just unzips in a straight line.

Top Duffel Bag Brands

No matter which athletic brand you are loyal to, you're sure to find a duffel bag option that will fit into your preferences. With options like Nike duffel bags, Under Armour duffle bags, adidas duffle bags, and more, you are sure to find just the pack that shows off your favorite brand.

Other Bag Types and Brands

Many other types of bags and containers can be useful over the course of the day. Messenger bags offer stylish storage. Lunch boxes hold meals securely, while keeping food at the correct temperature while you're at work or at school. Duffel bags offer added storage for all your athletic gear and other larger items. Travel luggage is essential for anyone who is always on the go. Sports fans can show their support with a team backpack that shows off their favorite squad's colors and logo. And if specific brands are more your thing, you can find plenty of offerings from names like JanSport, Nike, Levi's, Samsonite, and more.