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Types of earrings

Earrings are some of the oldest jewelry staples in human history. Many times they go unnoticed, but it's the subtle things that often works in your favor. Earrings always serve to accent the face in one of two ways. Studs draw the gaze to the eyes. Hanging earrings draw the gaze downward to emphasize the jawline.

There are several different styles of earrings that Kohl's offers:

Clip ons





Within these styles, they can either be fashion or fine earrings. As with all things in fashion, certain styles and designs have their place for many different occasions. Choosing the right pair can be hard, but it's important to remember that it's never a "one size fits all" situation with earrings.

Sometimes you will need something other than a traditional stud or hoop. An event may call for something far more subtle than a simple dangler. Enter the huggie and the ear climber. These two earring types are great when you want to give a little pop, but can't risk having them be too loud.

Styling for faces and outfits

As has always been the goal of jewelry, they emphasize and accentuate. However, sometimes, a touch more is in order. Statement earrings are a great choice when you want to stand out. Making your earrings work for you can come down to a few factors:

  • Does the material of your earrings match the material of your clothing (quality/price matching)?
  • Are your earrings designed to draw the gaze or simply complete an outfit?
  • Do they feel good to wear, and do they feel good with the outfit?

One of the greatest struggles that comes with earrings is getting them to match your outfit. Many times, they end up drawing the eye just as much as your top. Sometimes, it's not obvious, but color has a lot to do with how well your earrings work for you. If their color is an excellent contrast to your hair/makeup, but you're also wearing a shirt that contrasts, things aren't working properly. Following some fashion rules for your other accessories will go a long way to making your earrings work for you.

If your shirt is loud, let your earrings be subtle. Consider using studs to guide the gaze to your eyes, while still allowing your top to pop. Likewise, if your top is more subdued, earrings that hang, or even statement earrings can be the best way to accentuate your face.

With that said, there's a little nuance to the idea that one or the other needs to be an attention grabber. Depending on how you wear your hair, you should absolutely take advantage of ear climbers. They can have bold designs like you other earrings, but they rest in a different spot. Rather than sit at eye-level or at your jawline, these sit above the ear lobe.

Imagine you have a fashionable and loud blouse on, and your earrings may clash. Swapping for a climber will allow your top to shine, while drawing the eyes to your hair. However, it may also just provide that little pop you need, without distracting from the rest of your look.

When climbers and danglers just aren't what you need, try a huggie. These are very small hoop earrings designed to function solely as an accent. They won't distract from the look, and provide fun texture to your ears when people notice. The best thing about the huggie is that it's the perfect companion earring.

Mixing and matching is very trendy right now. Creating an asymmetrical balance with your earrings can be a fun way to show off your personality without splurging on different clothing. Both huggies and ear climbers are an excellent option to achieve a mix and match look.

Pairing with other jewelry

Most times earrings won't interfere with bangles and bracelets. So don't be afraid to do what you'd like with your arms.

Where things get a touch more complicated is with necklaces. While it's okay to use matching necklaces and earrings when you need a more subdued look, don't forget to experiment with different metal pairings. Just be sure to let one or the other being loud, unless your going for more chic and experimental look.