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Exercise Bikes & Stationary Bikes

There's nothing better than long rides, feeling the wind in your face, and exploring the great outdoors. Adventure awaits and a bike is your mode of transportation. But if you’re looking to get into shape from the comfort of your own home but still want to enjoy the benefits of a bike, then exercise bikes from Kohl's are exactly what you need. Stationary bikes are perfect for your active lifestyle and help improve your heart health. Shop Kohl's for all your exercise needs and get ready to work up a sweat!

What to Look for in an Exercise Bike

  • Style - There are three main styles: recumbent, spinning, and upright. Recumbent bikes are ideal for those with physical limitations because it lets you sit in a reclined position on a wide seat. Upright bikes are the most compact and spinning bikes are geared towards high-intensity cardio.
  • Flywheel Weight - The flywheel is a weighted metal disk located at the front of the bike instead of a wheel. Its weight determines how comfortable and fluid the bike’s motion is.
  • Display & Programming - Most exercise bikes will come with an LCD video feature or an LED display. Some bikes may only have a few resistance options and basic measurements, while others will have a variety of features like heart rate monitoring, distance, calories burned, and more.

Benefits of Exercise & Stationary Bikes

Are you looking to optimize your health and wellness with ease? Whether you’re a beginner or advanced rider, an exercise bike is a great choice. Workout bikes are stationary and typically more compact than other types of exercise equipment. Biking is a great way to build up your endurance before you start road cycling.

You can cycle no matter the weather and enjoy a great selection of workout programs that challenge you in strength and speed interval training. It’s easy to place it anywhere in your home, get a good workout in, and store it away when you’re all done.

Types of Exercise Bikes

We have an appealing assortment of exercise bikes that will help get the blood flowing and your heart rate up.

Sunny Health & Fitness Cycling Bike

With this indoor cycling bike, you can immerse yourself into a compelling whole body stimulating experience. The robust, multi-functional digital display records speed, distance, calories, time, and so much more.

ProForm Exercise Bike

Train your whole body at once and experience outdoor riding from the comfort of your home with this ProForm PRO TC exercise bike. You’re sure to enjoy the 10-inch full-color touch display and workout programs with iFit Coach.

Echelon Connect EX3 Bike

The Echelon Connect Bike seamlessly combines fitness and tech to offer the best in indoor cycling. Echelon Connect's magnetic flywheel offers 32 levels of resistance, providing a challenging workout for both beginners and experienced riders.

Other Essentials for Your Active Lifestyle

Stationary bikes from Kohl's are perfect for your active lifestyle. After finding your ideal bike, be sure to check out other exercise gear for your next workout.

Get the blood flowing and stay active, even in the friendly confines of your own living space, with our at-home fitness and exercise equipment! From ellipticals and rowing machines to jump ropes and resistance bands, we’re your one-stop-shop for all things active.

How would you like to begin your activity with a new fitness outfit? Workout clothes and athletic shoes are appealing not just because they’re versatile, but because they offer the utmost comfort. Most sweat pants, tees, and leggings are stylish enough to take you from lounging at home to running errands than to brunch with friends. But make no mistake: Kohl’s has the fitness apparel you need to get you through the toughest workouts and sweatiest hot yoga sessions.

We also have a wide assortment of smartwatches and fitness trackers to help you track your heart rate, steps, calories burned and so much more.

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