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Farmhouse Home Decor and Furniture

It seems like farmhouse home decor is everywhere and for good reason! Farmhouse style is a unique blend of simplicity and comfort that can make any place feel like home. It mixes design and function to give you a fresh take on that homegrown, farmhouse feel. Kohl's has all the decor and furniture you need to bring the farmhouse style throughout your home!

Farmhouse decor tends to have a neutral, earthy palette that gives it its unpretentious style. Typically, a blend of beige, grey, and white make up the base of the palette. Muted earth tones are peppered in to bring in some warmth. When looking for the right farmhouse home decor, look for pieces with natural elements like wood. An easy way to incorporate some rustic pieces is with farmhouse lighting. In addition, using textured fabric, like linen, will give a more organic aesthetic to the room. Our assortment includes a great selection of farmhouse bedding. The living room tends to have more storage furniture than any other room. Woven baskets or drawers will give you an instant farmhouse aesthetic. Choose farmhouse tables that have a distressed finish for that worn-in, vintage feel.

Kohl's has everything you need to bring the rustic and refined farmhouse style to your home!