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Faux Fur Blankets & Throws

If you’re in search of a blanket that will provide warmth, softness, and unmatched comfort - all with a touch of luxurious style - look no further than a faux fur blanket from Kohl’s! Made of synthetic fabrics that mimic the look of real animal fur, a faux fur blanket provides all the features you’re looking for in a covering that will keep you nice and toasty.

So when you’re shopping for blankets, throws, or other home essentials, make Kohl’s your destination for must-haves that help create a living space your friends and family will love!

Features & Benefits of Faux Fur vs. Real Fur Blankets

A faux fur blanket, like many other blankets, is designed to keep you warm when there’s a chill in the air. So what sets faux fur options apart, especially from fur ones?

The look of a faux fur blanket really gives off the same elevated appeal that a real fur blanket does, but does not use real animal hair to achieve it. This means that a faux fur blanket is made sustainably, and does not harm any animals in the creation process.

Faux fur blankets are also more affordable than real fur blankets, and can stand up to repeated use much better than their real fur counterparts.

Lastly, cleaning a faux fur blanket is much easier. In a lot of cases, you can simply toss a faux fur blanket in your washer and dryer and you’re good to go. Even if a faux fur blanket requires dry cleaning, it is still easier to care for than a real fur item, which requires proper storage during certain months of the year as well as specialized cleaning done by an expert.

In other words, faux fur blankets keep you warm, are made of synthetic fabrics and use no animal hair, and can easily be cleaned repeatedly - usually right at home.

Other Bedding & Bath Must-Haves

With the ideal faux fur blanket all set, you can focus on enhancing the other areas of your bedding and bath.

No bed is complete without the perfect pillows, and we offer plenty of options to choose from. No matter the size mattress you have, the side/angle at which you sleep, or the material you prefer, you can feel confident in knowing you’ll find the right pillow for you at Kohl’s! 

For the bath, you can find towels in all shapes and sizes - from hand towels to beach towels, and everything in between! Kohl’s also offers shower curtains, bathroom furniture, decor, and plenty of other essentials that enhance the look of your home.

Shop Kohl’s for home must-haves, including faux fur blankets that ensure long-lasting warmth during the cold winter months!