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Flannel Sheets

If you’re on the hunt for something that’s sure to keep you warm during the coming winter, you may want to find yourself some warm, cozy flannel sheets! A thicker fabric than fleece or cotton, flannel sheets are more durable than the other materials mentioned and are known for their ability to trap heat for you under the covers, making them perfect for colder climates. Are you or someone in your family a person who tends to get cold at night, regardless of the time of year? Flannel sheets just might be the year-round solution you’ve been searching for!

Available Options

One of the best selling options available, checking out the Cuddl Duds Flannel Sheet Set can be a great introduction to a set of thick and comfy flannel sheets. Available in many bed sizes and colors and designs, it makes finding the right set of sheets for you a non-issue! You can check out a classic flannel design such as harvest plaid, grey red plaid, and window pane to bring the flannel feel to its full potential. There are also solid color options available, if you’re looking for a more simplistic style. Do you want your bed sheets to match the season? Check out the designs available such as Penguins and Snowmen to get you in the mood for the winter! Kohl’s selection of flannel sheets has any size you need for your bed, whether you rest on a twin, full, queen, or king size bed, our selection has just what you need to get the rest you deserve!

Complete the Set

Now that you’ve found your new flannel sheets, it’s time to finish the job to make sure you stay cozy during the colder climates! Feel free to double up on the flannel feel with this Cuddl Duds Flannel Duvet Cover Set! Further trapping the heat with a heavyweight style to keep you snug through while you sleep, a flannel duvet can be just what you’re looking for to accompany you during those cold winter nights! Keep the flannel look going with the help of Kohl’s selection of flannel cover sets!

Do you want to balance out your new warm, thick flannel sheets with something a bit more thin and cool to the touch? Try out some cotton sheets for your bed! Cotton is the most common material for bed sheets, and for good reason. Soft and breathable, a cotton duvet can be the perfect companion for your new flannel sheets. Take a look at this Brooklyn Loom Classic Cotton Duvet Cover Set to get the best out of your time asleep! With this cover set, you can choose between a wide array of different solid colors to match with your snug flannel sheets such as grey, pink, navy, and blue! No matter what you need to complement your new sheets, it’s safe to say that Kohl’s has you covered!

While they are perfect for anyone to use during the wintertime, flannel sheets are always a smart choice for those of us who tend to get chilly no matter the season. At Kohl's, you know that you can find all the items you need to be prepared for every season. Be sure to shop our full line of fleece clothes and other essentials for all your cold-weather wardrobe needs! Flannel sheets from Kohl's are sure to keep you warm during the coldest months of the year. Find all your cold-weather essentials at Kohl's, and wrap up in cuddly warmth!

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