Full Size Blankets & Throws

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Full Size Blankets & Throws

Keep you and your family covered in warmth using a full size blanket or throw from Kohl’s! Our wide selection of blankets is sure to include just the option you need for everyday use as the weather turns chilly. A full size blanket is ideal for use as a covering as you chill on the couch, or even an extra layer as you head off to dreamland in bed.

With a brand new blanket from Kohl’s, you’re all set to stay cozy and cuddly through the cold months of the year. Shop Kohl’s for all your bed and bath essentials, and update your home with everything you need to create an inviting living space!

Types of Full Size Blankets

With so many blanket options to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which is right for you! So here are a few types of blanket options available at Kohl’s, and how best they can work in your home:

Cotton blankets are ideal for pretty much any time of the year. They are fairly lightweight, so they are best used in cold months in conjunction with a more substantial blanket, or in warmer months as a light covering.

Fleece blankets are cozy, extra warm, and a great blanket type for little ones. They are good at wicking away moisture, which helps keep the user always warm and dry.

Vellux blankets, also known as “hotel blankets”, contain a thin foam core surrounded by soft nylon plush with a velvet-like texture. Vellux blankets are hypoallergenic, can stand up to repeated washings, and are warm and very soft.

Electric blankets are made from synthetic materials that house electric heating elements. These elements can be adjusted to provide the temperature you demand, allowing you to achieve your personal customized comfort level. Some electric blankets even have dual controls so you and your partner can program the different sides of the blanket. However, electric blankets should not be placed with a comforter or another blanket and are not advisable for children’s bedrooms.

Reversible blankets are another versatile option to use at home, as they offer two different sides that lend different degrees of comfort and softness, depending on which side you keep close to your skin.

Down alternative blankets are yet another option to consider. Down alternative comforters are made with synthetic materials that mimic the insulating properties of natural down feathers. Down alternative blankets tend to be more affordable than those that use actual down feathers, and they are also more comfortable for people with allergies.

No matter which blanket you choose, you know you’ll find the one that’s perfect for your home! Our selection of blankets is sure to make Kohl’s your one-stop shop for all things cozy!