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There’s nothing better than spending quality time with family and friends. Whether you're searching for something fun to do at home or in need of new activities for your collection, Kohl’s has a wide assortment of fun games sure to meet your needs. Are you looking for the best board games, puzzles, and video games for adults and kids? From Catan and Chess to Ticket to Ride and Family Feud, widely popular and highly-rated games can help you unwind — and keep you entertained. Make sure to pop your popcorn and grab your chips because you’re in for a treat!

Board Games

When it comes to board games, there are plenty of options to choose from that will suit any board game geek out there. You can find a classic game like Monopoly in a variety of themes, including Fortnite and Frozen. Chess is also a great game for kids to learn early in life. Not only is this game played all around the world, but it teaches you advanced strategy and planning skills.

Jenga, another popular game, is a test of dexterity and concentration. The goal is to carefully select and stack the wooden pieces to see how high you can get before you or a friend knocks the tower down. These are just a few popular options that we have available. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find your next favorite board game among our collection.

Card & Dice Games

From simple dice-based board games to intense strategy games, anything you’re looking for can be found at Kohl’s! The great thing about card games is that they’re portable, fun to collect, and can provide hours of endless entertainment. If you’re looking for great handheld card games, an UNO card game is perfect for both kids and adults. You can also find fun games for kids, too. Options like Catch the Match Card Game, Ring it!, and Clack! are all easy to learn games that kids will love.

Dice games tend to rely on dice, a spinner, or some other device to allow them to move around a board in a fairly linear fashion. Outcomes tend to be the result of luck more than strategy. For example, Six-Dice Farkel is the classic game where you roll the dice for score, but if you don't roll a dice that counts as score, you "farkeled" and lose your turn. This game involves dice rolling and strategy to win with over 10,000 possible points. Other dice games include Roll a Word and Flash!

Video Games

We also offer more technological gaming options, like video game consoles, video games, and video game accessories! Offering hours of entertainment, our selection of video gaming merchandise has all the items you need to be prepared to battle evil, score the winning points, or explore fantastic new worlds. Peruse our line of Sony PlayStations 4’s, VR bundles, and even arcade machines. With popular options from Nintendo and Sony, we have all the video games and consoles the gamers in your family are looking for!

Outdoor Games

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as the great outdoors. It’s always a great idea to turn off the TV and spend time in your backyard. Our outdoor games selection includes bag toss, ladder golf, lawn darts, and horseshoes - all perfect for enjoying time under the sun. If you want to take a ride around the neighborhood, our bikes, skates, scooters, and other ride-ons make the perfect outdoor toys to inspire healthy hobbies. Then, once you and the kids have worked up a sweat, be sure to cool down with water toys. You’ll find sprinkler toys, water blaster and so much more!

Indoor Games

Need to tire out the kids so you can get some work done? Is the weather outside cold and rainy? When you need to stay inside but are looking for some competitive fun, head to the rec room to play one of the indoor games we have available! Some popular picks are foosball, air hockey, darts, and basketball shootout games.

Other Essentials for a Fun Night at Home

At Kohl’s, you’ll find everything your household needs for a night full of fun! First, make sure that you cuddle with your crew in cozy, coordinated comfort with matching family pajamas! These bedtime outfits provide an adorable look, paired with fabric that keeps you comfy all night long.

If you’re swapping out the games for movies, you’ll also find family movie night essentials. No matter if you’re revisiting a classic Hollywood film, or checking out the newest streaming movie that has the internet buzzing, we have popcorn makers, blankets, and other items needed to enhance your home theater experience.

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