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Girls' Bedding Sets

Your little one will be ready to drift off to dreamland with girls' bedding from Kohl's! Our entire selection of girls' bedding sets offers many versatile options to choose from, so you'll find all the perfect items you need for your child's bedroom. Shop the selection of girls' essentials at Kohl's, and find all the items you need to take your child's room to a whole new level! Kohl's has a wide variety of girls' bedding and decor to choose from, with many different options and designs available, including girls' twin bedding sets, girls' full size bedding, and girls' twin comforter options. That way you can be sure you'll find the right option you need to keep your kiddo wrapped up in comfort every night. Kohl's even has other bedding options for weekend trips like sleeping bags and lightweight blankets to take on road trips. No matter what you're looking for, Kohl's has something to suit your needs.

Choosing the Right Bedding Set

Choosing the right bedding for your child can be more complicated as they get older. They might be getting their own room separate from their siblings or want to change up the style of their room. Girls' bedding is an easy way your little one can style their room to their satisfaction without painting the walls or doing other permanent work. The bed is a focal point in the room, and simply changing bedding can go a long way. There are a few aspects you need to consider before purchasing girls' bedding sets.

The first item to look at is what size bed they have and what appropriate size of bedding you need. Kohl's has the full scope of different bedding options including girls' twin bedding sets, girls' full size bedding and girls' twin comforters in addition to other sizes like full and queen. They're all clearly marked so it's an easy step to accomplish. Look online with your kids or go into the store to take a look around at the selection.

The next step is to consider how much bedding you need. Do you need a full set with sheets, pillow cases and pillow shams? Or do you just want a quick update with only a comforter? You can decide this based on whether she likes her current sheets or if the old ones are worn out or not. Pick neutral sheets that can go with several different styles of comforters. Another option is to pick complementary colors that can mix and match. This way, you'll never have to worry about their room matching and they can get involved by making their bed while setting up their room.

Summer and Winter Bedding

Next, look at how warm or cold it is in your climate. Do your girls need summer or winter bedding? Summer bedding is full of light blankets and cotton fabrics that wick away moisture and retain less heat. Winter bedding typically has heavier comforters with more padding alongside flannel fabric sheets. Winter bedding will keep them snug and warm all winter long. Another consideration is summertime air-conditioning. If you keep the house ultra-cold during the summer, you likely won't have to switch to summer bedding. Generally, keep an eye on whether they're too cold or too hot. Managing the temperature levels and amount of blankets can help keep a neat room when your little ones aren't throwing off covers onto the floor or scrounging up more blankets that don't match their current set.

Style and Design

Kohl's has a wide variety of girls' bedding set options to match the vision of whatever they're thinking of for their room. Keep it modern and neutral with soft grays, creams and pastels. You can go the other direction with bright pinks, blues and yellows or intense, rich colors. Does your little one have a favorite movie or television character? Get them a character-themed bedding set so they can enjoy their favorite characters every day. Don't forget to let them stay involved in the process of getting new bedding. That way, they'll fully enjoy their new bedding! If they have problems sleeping or staying in their room at night, having some input into their room can help them enjoy their room more.

If you're doing a full redesign of their room, you can check out Kohl's for window dressings, lamps and other bedroom décor. Kohl's has tons of options for completing their room décor with all the new styles they love.

Girls' bedding sets from Kohl's are sure to provide stylish, functional options that are perfect for all your children. Find all girls' decor must-haves at Kohl's, and complete their room's look with ease! At Kohl's, you know that you can find all the bedding necessary to complete your home's look. Be sure to shop our full line of home decor, bedding and other essentials for even more items that fit your family's style!

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