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Comfy and Cute Pajamas for Girls

Bedtime doesn't have to be a bummer for your little girl with fun, cozy pajamas. Kohl's has a wide range of cute, comfy sleepwear fitting for girls of all ages. She'll rest easy in breathable, snug sleepwear, and you can relax knowing she's ready to drift off into sweet slumber. Let's be real: kids are rarely jazzed to hit the hay, but the more effort invested in getting them to bed, the more sleep you'll get too! Kids spend more time asleep than they do awake, which means they'll spend more time in pajamas than regular clothing. Whether she's intent on a color-coordinated pajama set or wants to drift off in mismatched polka dots and sassy unicorns, Kohl's selection of girl's pajamas has the sleepwear that's right for her.

Sleep Contently in Every Season

Considering material is very important when buying pajamas for your little one. You want her to be comfortable and content but in fabric that snuggles her warm or soothes her into coolness depending on the weather. During warmer months, lighter pajamas will make sure she doesn't overheat, and microfleece snuggled her warm in the colder season. Coordinated pajama sets with t-shirts, shorts and light-weight capris are perfect for warmer nights when she'll need to stay cool, while long-sleeved shirts and pants are more ideal in colder temperatures when she'll want to stay bundled. Carter's 2-Piece PJ Set, made with fluffy cotton fabric and durable polyester, will keep her covered and cozy, and the colorful rainbows are sure to keep her smiling. Kohl's also features Carter's Tops and Shorts PJ Set, featuring pastel ice-cream cones swirling in sprinkles and a cushy, cotton fit, will keep her as chilled as the scoops.

Showcase Her Sparkly Personality

Visit dreamland in style with Kohl's selection of licensed character collection. The line features apparel designed with her favorite TV and movie characters. Help her flip her fins in her Little Mermaid Fantasy Nightgown; the ruffled, flutter sleeves are fluttery and fun and the sea-blue glittery fabric falls ankle-length. Dreamland is the perfect place to explore the great outdoors with a trusty stallion in her peachy Spirit Nightgown. She may not be able to wear a crown to bed, but she'll feel like she's sleeping in the royal bed chambers of her own castle in Disney princess-inspired pajamas. She'll channel her inner ice queen in an Elsa-inspired Fantasy Nightgown made from crushed velvet and snow white trim. Whether it's book-loving Belle or adventure-seeking Moana, your little princess will feel like she's getting the royal treatment in her princess-inspired sleepwear.

Keep Cozy in a One-Piece

Your little girl's toes will stay toasty warm in these one-piece footed pajamas. She'll look darling in her heart-print pjs and daring in her dinosaur pjs. Kohl's baby girl pajamas feature no slip gripper footies to prevent little trips and zippered front with safety tab. The footies are elastic to ensure her feet stay inside and she stays in slumberland.

Keep her toes warm with fuzzy, fur-lined slippers in a wide selection of cozy critters slippers. From adorable bunnies and sleep black cats to fleece foxes, Kohl's girl's slippers are cute, durable and feature slip-resistant bottoms.

When the weather gets a little chillier, bundle her up in a personalized Turkish cotton robe with a custom embroidered pocket and plushy texture. The fabric is highly absorbent and quick drying, ideal for wrapping her up after a hot bath and transitioning to bedtime, and the pastel color palette gives you plenty of options.

Keep her company with a Kohl's Cares stuffed animal. Cuddly plush animals provide your little one a bedtime buddy she can hug, squeeze and tell her goodnight wishes to. She's still not interested in bedtime? Snuggle in with her for a heartwarming bedtime story from Kohl's selection of childhood books. From tales of friendship to courageous adventures, Kohl's Cares books have corresponding plush animals so she can read and interact with lovable, encouraging characters.

From snuggles with Mom and Dad to birthday sleepovers, Kohl's has pajamas for every occasion of your special girl's slumber journey. Kohl's wide size range and reasonable prices provide options and flexibility, and their selection of inventive designs and sassy slogans can highlight her spirited personality.

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