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Cute Kids Sweater for Girls

Comfy, versatile, and oh-so-cute - sweaters can take any look to the next level. Help your little one get ready for chilly fall mornings and cold winter nights alike with girls kids' sweaters. Our wide selection of cute tops is perfect for keeping her warm and cozy all year long. With knitted garments from popular brands like Carter's, Jumping beans, and Chaps, you can find just the right look to match her style. There's a sweater for every girl and every occasion.

Cardigans for Girls

The classic cardigan has an open front that can be fastened with buttons or toggles. This makes them perfect for layering with a tee or blouse. Classic cardigans can add a refined flair to her next look. For a simple yet stylish look, simply pair a cardigan with her favorite skinny jeans and flats or super cool fashion sneakers. No matter what look suits her, she can't lose with a classic knit cardigan. For a slightly updated look, opt for an open front cardigan with a traditional silhouette and more flexibility.

Girls' Pullover Sweaters

Another cozy option is a pullover sweater. Pullovers are specifically your top style sweaters that can be worn alone or with a light jacket. While they can still function as outerwear, they often feature similar cuts and stylings found in traditional tops. Some feature collars, scoop necks, and open shoulders. Others are sleeveless, or feature flared cuffs. Whatever the cut, style, or category, there's a sweater for every fashion need.

Girls' Ponchos

Put the finishing touch on her winter outfit with a girls' poncho. This blanketlike cloak consists of a hole in the center to admit the head. Not only is this sweater lightweight, but it also maintains a high level of warmth and comfort for your little one. For additional warmth and style, it can be worn over a long sleeve t-shirt or sweater.

Girls' Sweater Vests

A vest works because of its limitless versatility. For the longest time, it was relegated to dress outfits and Hollywood films about time travel… but today you can find a vest in just about any style! They're extremely adaptable and great for those who want to push their style a few steps further than before. Vests are really something special because they can be worn in so many different ways, especially during the colder months. During the fall, you can't reliably wear lighter outfits, nor can you don your winter gear quite yet. Sometimes you need a subtler touch, perhaps one from a puffer or down vest. These are designed to keep her core toasty while giving her flexibility to let her arms breathe. They're great for chilly nights, and above-average temperatures.

Other Girls' Essentials

Complete her everyday look with girls' clothes from Kohl's. No matter the occasion or style, Kohl's has the shoes and apparel she'll love! Explore skirts, skorts, shorts, jeans, tees, and blouses, as well as dresses and accessories. Be ready for dusty days on the playground, chilly morning school bus waits and special occasions alike. Start off any look with tops for girls and complete her chic ensemble with coordinating shoes. For more formal occasions, check out the full line of girls' dresses. Whether you're attending a family wedding or celebrating milestones, girls' formal clothing from Kohl's can help her look her best and feel comfortable all day.

To find everything you need for your little one's wardrobe, shop the assortment of girls' essentials at Kohl's! Don't forget to replace out-grown shoes and worn-out socks while you're here, and make sure she has all the girls' clothes she needs for the coming year.