Gold Earrings

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Classy and Formal Gold Earrings

Gold has long been a highly prized metal. It's said to represent wealth and prosperity. Nothing will make you feel more like a million bucks than a great pair of fashionable gold earrings! Kohl's has a huge array gold, white gold, and gold tone earrings for you to choose from!

Gold earring studs are a simple, classy addition to any outfit. As a staple, it's nice to have both gold and white gold studs in your collection. If you're looking to add a little more glamour to your jewelry selection, try gold dangle and drop earrings. They way these hang delicately from your ears will add a hint of sophistication that will instantly boost your confidence. Gold hoop earrings are probably the most versatile of your choices. Gold hoops can be paired with lavish dresses (think red carpet) for a luxurious look. They can also be paired with your favorite jeans and casual white tee as an everyday go-to. If treat yo self is more your mentality, then 14K gold earrings are what you need. True gold is lasting, timeless, and the perfect anchor to your jewelry collection.

Kohl's has all the glitz, glamour, and gold you're looking for in an amazing pair of earrings!