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Essential Golf Equipment

Types of Golf Clubs

Don't hit the links until you're fully equipped. Different clubs have different functions on course. Take a look at the following information to help you get to the green.


Woods are clubs with a low degree of loft for distance shots, with the driver being the one that hits your ball the farthest. Woods have a large club face with a hollow head, and are usually made of metals like steel and titanium. Use your woods to hit off the tee, or for longer fairway shots.


Usually sold as part of a set, irons have metal heads and have a higher degree of loft than woods. Most golf sets contain irons 3-9, with the higher numbered irons having the most loft. Use your irons for shorter fairway shots.


Due to a high degree of loft, wedges are used to strike the ball and pop it high into the air to land softly on the green. Use your wedges when hitting close to the green, from the sand and out of longer rough.


Putters come in different lengths, with standard putters being between 34-35 in. tall. Putter heads can vary, with most in the form of a flat blade or a mallet. Use your putter to roll the ball into the hole while on the green.

Types of Golf Bags

In order to determine which type of glolf bag you'll need, first determine how you're going to golf. Whether you're taking all of your clubgs or just a few, or enjoying the exercise of a walking course, there's a golf bag for you.

Stand & Carry Bags

If you're going to walk the course yourself, or walk with a caddy, plan on buying a carry bag. These lightweight bags are usually made of plastic or nylon, and hold a basic set of clubs with pockets for tees and balls. Some bags feature convertible straps that can be used over one shoulder or like a backpack, while some feature stands that allow them to sit upright while you swing.

Cart Bags

Use a cart bag when you are planning on golfing a course where golf carts are available to use. These mid-weight bags have more storage than a typical carry bag, and are designed to let you set them on the cart while you leisurely sort through them.