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Protect your outdoor cooking machine with a durable grill cover from Kohl’s! By placing a grill cover over your grill, you’re ensuring years of use, and helping your grill look as good as when you first bought it!

With grill covers available for grills of all shapes and sizes, Kohl’s is sure to be your destination for covers, as well as other grilling accessories. Shop Kohl’s and find all the outdoor entertaining essentials you need to host fun family cookouts in your backyard!

Why Should You Use a Grill Cover?

Outdoor grill covers provide a variety of benefits for your grill. First, they protect your grill against damage from weather, including rain, snow and UV rays. In addition, covers keep your grill clean, so that you can spend less time cleaning your grill and more time using it. Outdoor grill covers also help keep your grill in good condition. They help ensure that you’ll be able to keep using your grill in the years to come.

Choosing the Perfect Grill Cover

When shopping for a cover to protect your grill, it’s important to take several factors into consideration to ensure you choose a cover that will get the job done.

Avoid felt-lined or flannel-lined grill covers. These fabrics are popular choices for mice, squirrels, and other rodents for materials they use to build their nests. The animals will tear the fabric off the cover, and eventually, your grill cover will be worthless as it will no longer offer protection. So, which materials should you choose? Look for unlined vinyl, polyester, oilcloth, or weather-proof nylon covers that will offer long-lasting use and won’t attract the rodents.

The size and shape of the grill and the grill cover are also important, as a grill cover that is too large for the grill will simply be blown off the grill as wind picks up. And a cover that is too small for the grill will show wear and tear at the seams and edges as it will likely be a struggle to place the cover over the grill. Be sure to measure your grill or know the exact size and dimensions of it when purchasing a cover. Find a cover that is specifically designed for the model of grill you have, or choose one that fits the size you’re looking for.

Also, look for grill covers that feature an elastic bottom or tie string to secure the cover. This will keep the cover from blowing off when wind picks up.

You’ll also want to try and avoid grill covers that have holes for “air ventilation”, as the vents can let moisture in and allow rust to form.

Tips for Using a Grill Cover & Protecting Your Grill

A good rule of thumb is to cover your grill after each use - of course, allowing the grill to cool down prior to placing the cover on it. This will limit the amount of exposure to the elements that the grill gets, preserving it for longer usage.

It’s also a good idea to clean your grill, both inside and out, at least a few times throughout the year. When you do clean your grill, ensure you dry it completely as well, as retained moisture will facilitate rusting. If you own a gas grill, consider firing them up and allowing the heat to run for about 10 or 15 minutes after cleaning. This will help ensure that water in hard-to-reach areas gets evaporated.

Even when using a grill cover, it’s a good idea to keep your grill in storage and outside of harsh weather when not using it. Sure, it’s OK to have your grill out on your deck during the lovely summer months, using the cover to keep it protected between uses. But when wind, rain, snow, and freezing temperatures arrive, add an extra layer of protection by storing your grill in a garage or separate storage unit.

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