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Have you always dreamed of becoming a grill master? Perfecting the art of grilling takes dedication, practice, and passion. And if you want to grill like a boss, you'll need the right tools. Fortunately, Kohl's has an amazing assortment of grill tools and grill accessories to get the job done simpler, faster, and better!

Every griller needs a great pair of heavy-duty tongs, the right spatula, and an accurate food thermometer. A grilling basket is ideal for anyone grilling up veggies! Its perforations give your produce the right amount of contact with the grill, so they turn out perfect every time. They're also ideal for small foods that you don't want to skewer, like shrimp. Probably the most important tool is a grill grate scraper. After all, you need a clean grill for great tasting food. There are many options from nylon or metal bristle brushes to wooden scrapers. Master grillers can work their magic anywhere. Take your skills on the road with our selection of portable charcoal grills. Whether tailgating or at home, grills need to be protected to ensure their longevity. Grill covers are perfect for keeping your grill safe from the elements. With your grill in pristine condition and with the right grilling tools, you'll become a grilling expert in no time.

Let Kohl's be your destination for everything you need to master the grill!