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Grilling Tools

Have you always dreamed of becoming a grill master? Perfecting the art of grilling takes dedication, practice, and passion. And if you want to grill like a boss, you'll need the right tools. Fortunately, Kohl's has an amazing assortment of grill tools and grill accessories to get the job done simpler, faster, and better!

Every griller needs a great pair of heavy-duty tongs, the right spatula, and an accurate food thermometer. A grilling basket is ideal for anyone grilling up veggies! Its perforations give your produce the right amount of contact with the grill, so they turn out perfect every time. They're also ideal for small foods that you don't want to skewer, like shrimp. Probably the most important tool is a grill grate scraper. After all, you need a clean grill for great tasting food. There are many options from nylon or metal bristle brushes to wooden scrapers. Master grillers can work their magic anywhere. Take your skills on the road with our selection of portable charcoal grills. Whether tailgating or at home, grills need to be protected to ensure their longevity. Grill covers are perfect for keeping your grill safe from the elements. With your grill in pristine condition and with the right grilling tools, you'll become a grilling expert in no time.

Let’s dig in a little deeper, and see which items are essential for grilling, and why each tool is vital when it comes to grilling delicious meals for family and friends!

  • Tongs

A pair of tongs is a must-have for any grillmaster. The tongs work as an extension of the griller’s hands, and allow them to work with the food as it heats up on the grill. Look for tongs that offer a long enough length, as to keep you away from the heat, but lightweight enough to allow you to be nimble when working with meats and veggies on the grill surface.

  • Spatula

A spatula used for grilling needs to also be similar to the tongs in that it needs to be light, durable, versatile, and have enough length to keep you at a safe distance from the hottest part of the grill. Since spatulas are used primarily for flipping foods, they can’t be too heavy and bulky, or you’ll likely be unable to properly move steaks or filets around the cook surface.

  • Skewers

If you’re into making kebabs and other similar foods on a grill, you’ll want to use skewers to cook meats, vegetables, and more properly. Skewers are typically available in wood and metal. Wooden skewers are inexpensive, but do need to be soaked in water before use to prevent burning. Metal skewers will cost more, but are durable and reusable.

  • Cast-Iron Skillet

When making burgers on the grill, consider using a cast-iron skillet to hold and cook the meat. Grilling burgers directly on the grill is fine, but the meat will lose some of the tasty fat as it drips into the charcoal. Cooking the meat in a cast-iron skillet keeps the fat in with the patties and also keeps that flavor in there, too!

  • Charcoal Chimney

Never use lighter fluid to get your charcoal started again when you use a charcoal chimney. Simply use the chimney, some rolled-up newspaper, and some charcoal. Light the newspaper, and watch the charcoal heat up rapidly! The coal (and, in turn, your food) will not have that lighter fluid smell or taste.

  • Grill Brush

When you’re done cooking, use a grill brush to keep your cooking surface clean for the next time! Look for a brush with heavy-duty bristles that can quickly and easily remove cooked-on food from the grate. Make sure the bristles are flexible enough to get in between the grates, which can be hard to reach and is a spot where food residue likes to get stuck.

Let Kohl's be your destination for everything you need to master the grill!