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Happitat Items for the Home

Enhance the look of your bedroom and bathroom with items from Happitat! To help you stay warm and cool during nighttime, make your bed with comfy sheets, quilts, and duvets in an endless array of colors. You can also find bedding made of a variety of materials, including Egyptian cotton, linen, bamboo, and more.

Moving to the bathroom, browse our selection of bath rugs and towels that will make your home feel like a spa! Plush and durable construction add extra appeal, while current fabric technology prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming, as well as absorbing odors that may already be on the fabric surface.

Happitat Bedding, Quilts, and Sheets

First, let’s look at the Happitat bedding that’s offered at Kohl’s. In this assortment, you can find all your bedding essentials, including complete sheet sets. Sheet sets are perfect if you’re in the market for a complete betting overhaul, as they come with multiple bedding options like fitted sheets and pillowcases. Other essentials, like duvet covers and quilts, are also available, completing your entire bedding ensemble.

Don’t forget mattress pads and toppers, too, as they add even more comfort to your restful night’s sleep while protecting your mattress!

Happitat Bath Rugs and Towels

When it comes to bathroom must-haves, Happitat offers all you need to create a relaxing space in your home. Happitat bath towels are constructed with supersoft materials, designed to absorb water and dry quickly. They also come with a fade-resistant technology, ensuring the towels last a long time and always look brand new.

To enhance the look of your bathroom, as well as keep your feet nice and warm, add a Happitat bath rug! Again designed with soft, quick-dry materials, you can exit your bathtub or shower with confidence, knowing your first step will be met with comfort. The Quick Dry bath rug also features a non-slip backing for safety and ease of placement.

Other Bedding & Bath Essentials

With the ideal sheets, comforters, and blankets all set in your bedroom, you can focus on enhancing the other areas of your bedding. No bed is complete without the perfect pillows, and we offer plenty of options to choose from. No matter the size mattress you have, the side/angle at which you sleep, or the material you prefer, you can feel confident in knowing you’ll find the right pillow for you at Kohl’s!

Don’t forget about other bathroom items, too! From shower curtains to storage furniture, we have you covered. You can also find coordinating bathroom accessories to tie the entire look together. With options like these, you can upgrade the look of your bathroom with ease, creating an oasis from your hectic everyday life!

You’ll be prepared for a great night’s sleep, as well as relaxing time in the bath, with bedding and bathroom essentials from Kohl’s!