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Our Travel Tip: Shop Hardside Luggage at Kohl's!

Whether you're on your way across town or to the other end of our planet, luggage is an essential tool for successful, stress free travel. Be it for business, pleasure or both, luggage not only keeps our belongings safe, it also makes a statement: I've done this before. Let luggage from Kohl's lead you on long journeys to adventure with durable, long-lasting hardside luggage protecting your items of great importance. You'll be bound for glory and no more hard times when you travel to Kohl's online for our luxurious luggage selection.

Hardside Luggage

Ideal for protecting fragile cargo and perfect for rough and tumble tours, hardside luggage ensures ultimate coverage for your valuables. Hardside luggage provides protection throughout the travel process: from luggage check, to boarding and to the carousel. Browsing for hardside luggage online can feel like carrying a heavy load: let Kohl's be the wheels toward the elevator of easy ecommerce. Read below for our indispensable luggage buying guide, luggage size guide, luggage features to consider, travel essentials and more. Step right up and let Kohl's be your tour guide on your journey to handy hardside luggage. Bon voyage!

Luggage Buying Guide

Luggage and suitcases are essential travel components: let Kohl's Luggage Buying guide reveal and explain all of the basics before browsing Kohl's ample array of luggage sets. We've got all the answers to your travel queries: if you could just close the overhead compartments and fasten your seat belt we will prepare for takeoff!

Luggage Size Guide

For travellers of all shapes and sizes, not to mention the TSA, size definitely matters. Check out the details and dimensions regarding height, width, length and weight for your luggage. Checking in will be utterly painless if you arrive prepared with airline and TSA regulations considered and adhered to. However, keep in mind, regarding size, weight and amount of luggage: Due to varying luggage restrictions, please check your airline's carry-on policies prior to travel.

Luggage Features to Consider

Not sure how to handle the packing aspect of your upcoming voyage? Don't sweat it: Get to know the myriad luggage features available at Kohl's to ensure that you've packed properly for your next voyage. Take tips from our travel experts so you'll never forget a thing.

Travel Essentials

Travel Accessories

Because you don't want to miss a thing, look for luggage tags, travel pillows, packing cubes, toiletry bags and kits all in one place at Kohl's so that you can pack them all in one place for your next trip!

Packing Accessories Travel Accessories

Pack cushions, racks, garment carriers, eye masks and much more to make your trip triumphant: travel to Kohl's for all packing and travel accessories!

Travel Bags & Cases

Keep your toiletries, beauty items and smaller essentials organized and in top form in one of our lovely assortment of travel bags and cases from Kohl's.

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Luggage Sets

No matter if you're heading to Phoenix, Arizona, all the way to Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta or LA., you will need the right amount of luggage to ensure all of your essentials make the trip with you. Check out Kohl's luggage sets of 2, 3, 4 or 5 from some of the top brands available. You'll be ready for a trip of any length.

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