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Harry Potter: Apparel, Toys and Accessories

Greedy for more Gryffindor, ready for Ravenclaw, sweet for Slytherin or happy for Hufflepuff? Whichever House you prefer, Kohl’s is prepared to cast the Accio charm to summon all muggles to browse our Harry Potter merchandise. We’ve got wise words from wizards on our tee shirts, cozy pajamas, formal event-ready jewelry, Harry Potter LEGOS, backpacks, wallets and more: if your Harry Potter collection is in need of a little Reparo, be sure to check out Kohl’s selection of wizardry, spells and magical things. Enter the world of Harry Potter with Kohl’s carefully curated collection of charms and spells that will have you ready for Hogwarts (or, you know, school or work).

Harry Potter T-Shirts

Represent your favorite House, highlight your most-adored wizard or simply solemnly swear you are up to no good with Kohl’s classic collection of Harry Potter Tees. Layer up for a cool autumn quidditch match with long sleeve tees terrific for fall weather. These eye-catching shirts are sure to Silencio the crowd at your next muggle gathering.

Men's Harry Potter Accessories

Aspiring Aurors and authors alike are arriving for attire in our array of Harry Potter merchandise for young men and boys. Stupefy his admirers with a splendid suit and tie ensemble that’ll prep him for the Yule Ball or any other fantastic feast; and where do we find them? At Kohl’s, of course. Catch the elusive golden snitch and add some classy appeal to his handsome arsenal with a Harry Potter golden snitch tie bar or golden snitch cufflinks.

Women’s Harry Potter Apparel

Young Women learned from Hermione that Wingardium Leviosa requires but a flick of the wrist: proper form and diction won’t hurt when she’s looking to complete her next Harry Potter-themed ensemble. Kohl’s has got her covered: tees, pajamas, LEGOS, jewelry, backpacks, purses and more. She’ll sleep tight and dream of the most Riddikulus spells in this Girls 6-14 Harry Potter Hermione Dress-Up Nightgown. She can explain Expelliarmus while dealing Harry Potter trivia cards for family game night (a charm used to disarm another wizard...she’s probably used it on you several hundred times without you knowing).

Harry Potter LEGO Sets

Reconstruct Hogwarts from scratch, or build your own new school of Wizardry: LEGOS lets you choose your own adventure. All the pieces are together for your imagination to run wild as you construct your next unbreakable (at least until you think of new idea) vow. Fend off Aragog the spider by recreating the awe-inspiring action from Harry Potter’s adventures. Or, create Aragog’s new lair and add all the details you’ve considered since the last time you’ve read the series. Either way, LEGO Harry Potter provides ample opportunity to build your own world of wizardry everyday.

Harry Potter Sleepwear

Cast the Expecto Patronum spell for a safe night’s sleep undeterred by dementors and Bellatrix: in enchanted sleep, your child will be comfy and cute in Kohl’s Harry Potter pajamas and sleepwear. Perfect for lounging around your home tallying together points for this year’s House Cup. Ideal for long Harry Potter movie marathons or lazing around rereading the whole series!

Shop Harry Potter Jewelry & Accessories

Offer up the shield charm of Protego to class up your Harry Potter wardrobe. Ward off the hexes, jinxes, and spells of everyday life with this silver unisex Harry Potter Silver Toned Brass "Mischief Managed" Necklace, ideal for any aspiring wizard. Take home the Harry Potter Gold Toned Brass Goblet Of Fire Necklace or protect the young apprentice in your life with Harry Potter Silver Toned Brass Doe Patronus "Always" Necklace. Gear up with a nifty Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 ID Wallet, perfect purses, hair accessories and more.