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Hiking Boots

Blaze new trails and take on new adventures with the proper gear and equipment, including hiking boots from Kohl’s! Designed to offer supreme comfort, unmatched traction, and the ideal support needed for all-terrain travels, hiking boots are ideal for your next outdoor excursion!

Shop Kohl’s for all your athletic and active apparel and essentials, and get ready to take on your next workout or other on-the-go endeavour! Our selection of hiking boots is just one area in which we offer essential products for an activity, as you’re sure to find other apparel and accessories that will have you prepared to tackle the great outdoors and lots of other active tasks!

Features & Styles of Hiking Boots

Hiking boots come in a wide range of styles and designs for each and every member of your family, and each style offers functions and features that are geared toward those with adventure on their mind. But which style is right for you and your crew? Well, that depends on several factors.

The biggest factor is the type of hiking and exploring you’ll actually be participating in. Are you a weekend warrior that gets out for a few miles at a time? Or do you find yourself on long backpacking trips that span for multiple days, taking you far off the beaten path, with a variety of terrain types and natural obstacles in your way?

Those who partake in occasional hiking are sure to find that lightweight hiking shoes or day hiking boots will suit their needs. These hiking boot options offer more in the way of flexibility and ease of wear, but may not have the desired durability and support one needs for longer hiking trips.

If you’re a hiker who does take part in long-haul trips that require you to carry lots of gear along with you into the backcountry, shop for super supportive backpacking boots. These workhorses will provide the ultimate in ankle support and traction, offering higher reinforcement up on the foot, waterproof materials, and rugged midsoles for maximum durability during any hiking excursion.

Choosing the Right Hiking Boots

Once you’ve determined the right type of hiking boot you need for your outdoor needs, you’ll no doubt want to know what to look for when shopping for that ideal pair of boots. Several attributes are essential to figuring out the boots that will take you along the trails in comfort and support.

Fit is the factor to prioritize as you browse the assortment of hiking footwear. Look for a pair of hiking boots that fits snug all over your feet, but be sure they aren’t too tight either. And don’t forget to allow your toes freedom to move.

When trying on new boots for consideration, do so at the end of the day when your feet are a bit swollen from the day. Also be sure to wear the same socks you’d wear on the trail as you try any potential boots on. This will give you the best idea of how the boots will feel as you explore the outdoors.

Also take into consideration the materials that make up the boots. Some materials are more lightweight than others, but offer less in the way of support. Leather offers unmatched support and durability, but isn’t very breathable and requires time to break it in before actual wear on the trails.

In contrast, synthetic materials like polyester and nylon offer lightweight construction and more ventilation. They also cost a bit less than real leather, but do have the potential to break down and wear out quicker.

One last thing to consider when shopping for hiking boots is the brand. If you’re loyal to one brand over others, then you’re likely to know which one is right for you! If you’re not sure, or are new to hiking, take a look at the variety of brands available and see which one offers the features you’re looking for in a boot. Brands like Columbia, Rocky, Nord Trail, and more feature a vast array of boot options, so be sure to check out all options available and see which fits your needs the best!

Shop Kohl’s for all your outdoor essentials, including hiking boots for the whole family, and gear up for fun in the outdoors! With lots of active apparel options, camping gear, hiking accessories, and more, we’re your one-stop shop for all things related to the trail!