Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Salt Lamps

Enhance your decor with Himalayan salt lamps from Kohl's. Warm and alluring, salt lamps are the perfect additions to your home's look. Supposedly these pretty lamps can help clean the air in your home and help you sleep more soundly. Kohl's can't make such guarantees, but there's no doubt these stylish salt lamps are both sources of soft light and attractive objets d'art.

Kohl's offers many different styles and types of lighting, like lanterns, landscape lights, and multi-color night lights. Outfit every space in your home with illuminating lights, perfect for either soft mood lighting or bright daylight-mimicking lights for craft rooms, reading nooks or tool benches. Relaxing lighting options, like Himalayan salt lamps, are best used in bedrooms, kids' rooms, dens and other spots where you plan to kick back. Which isn't to say that you can't think outside the box. Maybe a salt lamp will be a more stylish alternative to a bathroom or hallway night light. Put one on a timer by the front door and you can be sure you get a warm welcome every day, no matter the hour. The calming quality of a Himalayan salt lamp ensures that it will fit into any spot in your home.

Pair two salt lamps on a console table for an elegant organic look. Or, update your child's night light with a more grown up source of soothing illumination. Shop Kohl's for salt lamps and all your lighting needs, and find the right additions to your home decor!