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5 Benefits of Room Humidifiers

Humidifiers increase humidity (moisture) in a room. By adding moisture to the air, humidifiers help prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body. Keep everyone in your home feeling comfortable with humidifiers from Kohl's! Our selection of room humidifiers is sure to provide the ideal conditions for your friends and family when they gather in your living space. Not sure if a humidifier is right for you? Here are 5 benefits that they offer.

1. Humidifiers Help Prevent Dry Skin

If there is one season within which humidifiers work best, it's during the winter. When it comes to comfort, distressing symptoms due to dry air can turn a pleasant winter into a dreary winter. Oftentimes, people notice that their lips, hair, and skin become dry and fragile during the winter months. Humidifiers can help improve dry or itchy skin by adding moisture back into the air. Drinking plenty of water and regularly moisturizing is important, but having sufficient humidity levels in the air can also help your skin look and feel more healthy.

2. Relieve Cold & Flu Symptoms

The abundance of colds during the winter season is often caused by dry air. Due to the production of moisture, humidifiers can make your home's environment less conducive to cold and flu germs. Moisture has the ability to prevent the movement of germs. Airborne particles when combined with moisture become too heavy to float around in the air. If you're suffering from symptoms related to a cold or flu, then a humidifier can help loosen impacted mucus to aid your recovery.

3. Humidifiers Keep Houseplants Healthy

Moisture from a humidifier can also be helpful around the house. For many plants, adequate humidity is essential because plants rapidly lose moisture when the air around them is dry. Therefore, if you've noticed that your plant leaves look droopy or that the soil is dryer than usual, opt for a humidifier. Not only will your plants love you for adding a humidifier to the room, but they're sure to bloom and thrive in their new environment.

4. Helps Your Home Feel Warmer

Did you know that moist air feels warmer than dry air? Humidity is one of the little-known factors that determines how hot or cold you feel. When the humidity level is high, your body feels warmer. Rather than pouring on more dry heat or even using a space heater, turning on a humidifier will help you feel warmer and can help you keep heating costs down during the wintertime.

5. Humidifiers Prevent Damage to Wood

Dry air can damage wood furniture, causing them to split and crack. Not only can dry air loosen the joints in a wooden floor or chair, but it can also make it difficult to open and close doors made of wood. This can all lead to an increase in home repair costs if left untreated. Wood needs a constant level of moisture to look its best. Humidifiers help preserve the integrity of the wood to make them last longer.

Whole Room Humidifier

Whole-room humidification uses natural evaporation to eliminate the mist and messy white dust that other humidifiers leave behind.

Humidifier with Aromatherapy

Provides quick relief from dry air making life pleasant for those with colds, allergies, and dry skin.

Smart Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Smart Mist sensor automatically adjusts output to maintain the desired humidity level, enabling steam to last up to 90 hours.

Types of Humidifiers

Cool Mist Evaporative is the most common type of humidifier. This humidifier adds moisture to the air using natural evaporation. It uses a wick to absorb water from a tank. The fan then blows dry air through the wet wick causing cool water to evaporate into the air, increasing the humidity of the room.

  • Wick filter removes impurities
  • Low power demands
  • Fans can be noisy
  • Water needs to be refilled
  • Wick filter requires replacement every 2 months

Warm Mist humidifiers use a boiling element that works similar to a teakettle. The boiling water is then released into the air in the form of steam.

  • Popular in colder climates to keep rooms warm
  • Steam released into air is free of minerals and impurities
  • Quiet use with no need for a fan
  • Water needs to be refilled
  • Occasional cleaning may be necessary to remove impurities

Vaporizers are a simpler, smaller version of warm mist humidifiers. They use a built-in reservoir for water rather than a full tank and are great for personal use.

  • No filters to replace
  • Small design is easy to use and portable
  • Quiet use with no need for a fan
  • Water needs to be refilled
  • Occasional cleaning may be necessary to remove impurities

Ultrasonic humidifiers can come in both cool and warm mists and are often your quietest option. This design uses the vibrations of a metal diaphragm to break down the water in the tank into a vapor mist. This mist is then expelled into the air using a small, quiet fan.

  • Extremely quiet
  • Low power design
  • Some models feature both cool and warm mists
  • Water needs to be refilled
  • Require a demineralization cartridge to remove impurities

Cool Mist Impellers use a spinning disc to generate a cool mist. This model does not use a filter, so distilled water and regular cleaning of the unit is your best bet.

  • Quiet use
  • Low power design
  • No filter necessary
  • Water needs to be refilled
  • Occasional cleaning may be necessary to remove impurities

Humidifier Styles & Output

Tabletop humidifiers are great for adding moisture to a single room. They are also sometimes referred to as portable humidifiers. A lightweight design makes them easy to move from room to room. Tabletop designs can be expected to output about 2-4 gallons per day.

Compact humidifiers are smaller versions of tabletop humidifiers. Compact designs can be expected to output up to 1.5 gallons per day.

Tower designs usually require fewer refills and are great for floor usage in medium-sized rooms. Tower designs can be expected to output about 2-4 gallons per day.

Console humidifiers are similar to tabletop humidifiers but use more power and are able to humidify multiple rooms at once. Because these humidifiers are larger, they do not need refilling as frequently as tabletop humidifiers, and are usually still portable. Console designs can be expected to output 9 or more gallons per day.

Humidifiers are the perfect addition to any home and Kohl's has a wide selection of brands to choose from. With PureGuardian humidifiers and Bionaire humidifier options, you'll find the perfect appliance you're looking for. You'll also find all the accessories you need for your unit, like home replacement filters, so you can keep your humidifier running at its peak level. Be sure to shop our full line of small appliances for even more essentials that make your home inviting!