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Laundry and Clothing Care

There is so much that can go into laundry & clothing care that we could probably write a novel! So we'll just stick to giving you some basics like options for drying clothes, what to use for wrinkles, and what's best for garment care when traveling. No matter what you're looking for in laundry & clothing care, know that Kohl's has you covered!

Most people's first thought in drying clothes is your standard dryer. But to avoid accidentally shrinking clothing, laundry drying racks are a great option. Air drying clothes can also reduce both static cling and wrinkles. If you do find your clothing with some wrinkles, simply break out your iron and ironing board. It's not always simple, however, to know what settings to use for each garment. Clothing steamers are an easy alternative since they can be used on almost all fabrics. Handheld and compact steamers and irons are your go-to's when it comes to garment cleaning and travel care. Whether looking for an iron or steamer Kohl's has the top brands you're looking for. Look for Rowenta steamers and irons, Black & Decker, and more!

Kohl's has all of the laundry and clothing care essentials to get you started!