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Jigsaw Puzzles for All Ages

There are so many benefits to jigsaw puzzles because they make your entire brain work. Solving a puzzle uses the left side to analyze & logically sort the pieces while it uses the right side creatively to see the big picture. At Kohl's, we have an amazing assortment of jigsaw puzzles the covers toddler to elder!

There are so many great educational puzzles for kids. Wooden jigsaw puzzles are especially great for toddlers who are still developing strong hand-eye coordination. Your kids will love playing with puzzles; especially when you incorporate their favorite characters. A Disney Frozen puzzle is sure to satisfy any fan of the film series!

We don't need to tell you that puzzles, of course, are just as great for adults. There are so many beautiful designs and pieces of art incorporated in puzzles for adults. Known for their extensive library of designs, you're sure to find Eurographics jigsaw puzzles that fit you. Kohl's also sells 3D puzzles! Once completed, you can even frame your finished product as a piece of art in your home. 

Be sure to shop our collection of board games for even more at-home fun! From classics like Monopoly and Scrabble, to some of the newest strategy games available, Kohl's has game night must-haves that everyone will love!

Kohl's fresh assortment of classic jigsaw puzzles means you'll always find what you're looking for! Put together some fun with a brand new jigsaw puzzle from Kohl's!