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Tips for Picking the Perfect Homecoming Dress

Turn up the charm and shop the latest Homecoming Dresses from Kohl's! Whether you're looking for a fun, semi-formal party dress or prefer to make a grand entrance in a chic dress, you're sure to find a style you'll love. Choose from our wide selection of cute dresses in various colors including pink homecoming dresses that will pop and black homecoming dresses that are sure to go with almost anything! Shop Kohl's for all your homecoming dress and accessory needs and get ready to make your homecoming dance a magical night to remember!

Consider the Design of the Homecoming Dress

Comfort is one of the most important factors when choosing a homecoming dress. But that doesn't mean that you have to trade it in for style. Think about what makes you feel comfortable and confident, then search for the perfect dress that plays up to those attributes. Everyone has different features and body types that they want to highlight, and if you're not sure which style is best for you, we've got you covered!

Sleeveless Dress: For those with strong shoulders and arms, a strapless look or one-shoulder style is the way to go. And if you prefer to put the focus on another part of your body instead of your arms, a dress with thick straps and a wide neckline will enhance your look.

Lace Dresses: Make a bold style statement when you show off your lace dress at the dance! You'll absolutely love the stylish look of the lace detail and styling.

Off-the-Shoulder Homecoming Dress: Off-the-shoulder styles are a great choice to flatter your figure and make you stand out from the crowd.

High-Low Homecoming Dresses: Do you want the elegance of a long dress without the possibility of stepping on the front? A high-low dress is a way to go for added convenience and style!

Find Your Color

Not only do homecoming dresses come in a variety of styles and designs, but in various colors as well. In general, you can find a flattering dress color based on your skin tone and hair color.

If your hair is light, go for bold colors and neutral tones such as orange, red, and tan. Darker hair pairs well with various shades of green, brown and blue homecoming dresses.

Of course, you don't have to exactly match your dress to your skin tone or hair as there are a variety of colors. However, this is simply a guide to help you narrow down your choices and get you one step closer to finding your perfect dress. And if you're still unsure of what color to go with, why not try the classic look of a black dress.

Complete the Ensemble with the Styling Details

Once you've found the perfect dress that gives you the style and comfort you want, it's time to add the final details! Create the ultimate look with fashionable shoes and accessories. Look for comfortable shoes that you can walk in throughout the night and stylish jewelry that compliments your dress.

Get ready for that special night with Homecoming Dresses from Kohl's! Our wide selection of Juniors' Homecoming Dresses is sure to fit your style and budget. We have all the styles and sizes of dresses you expect to ensure you have just the dress you want. Shop Kohl's for all your homecoming dresses and accessory needs to dance the night away in style!