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Enjoy a quick pick-me-up any time of the day by brewing a delicious cup of coffee using K-Cups found at Kohl’s! K-Cups are single-serving coffee pods that are designed to be used with your Keurig coffee maker. They are available in a wide variety of flavors, from many of the most popular coffee brands on the market.

So stock up on K-Cups from Kohl’s, and ensure that you’re always ready and able to brew the perfect cup of coffee, tea, or other hot beverage you love.

What are K-Cups, and How do They Work?

Single-cup coffee makers, like Keurig machines, have become quite popular in homes and offices. This is, thanks in large part, to the fact that there are a wide range of beverage types available for use in the machines.

These beverages come in a single pod, and the one’s available direct from Keurig are called K-Cups. K-Cups and Keurig machines work together much in the same way other machines work to brew coffee, only it’s done on a bit smaller of a scale. K-Cups include ground coffee inside them, as well as a paper filter. When a K-Cup is inserted into a Keurig coffee maker, holes are punctured in both the top and bottom of the K-Cup, allowing hot water to pass through. As this occurs, coffee is brewed and is dispensed directly into the mug or cup you will drink from.

And K-Cups are not just for coffee! You can find varieties of hot apple cider, tea, hot chocolate, and more! And the selection of coffee isn’t bad, either! Options for coffee are available from brands like Maxwell House, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Caribou Coffee, and Gloria Jean’s. And you’re sure to find coffee styles and flavors of all varieties, from light to dark roasts, cinnamon-flavored coffees, hazelnut coffee, and so many others.

Be sure to shop for a new Keurig coffee maker, as well as a wide variety of K-Cups, at Kohl’s! We also offer other coffee essentials, like coffee mugs, K-Cup racks, coffee shop-themed home decor, and more! Make Kohl’s your destination for all things related to coffee, and get all the essentials needed to enjoy your cup of joe to the fullest!