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Kids' & Children's Bedding

Turn any boring old bedroom into a destination for adventure with Kohl's kids' bedding. From classic styles to mythological creatures, your little dreamer is sure to dream even bigger under their favorite comforters, throws, blankets and more.

Get the whole job tackled with bundled comforter sets, or mix and match individual bedding pieces to create a look and feel that your child will adore. Explore the different textures of sheets made with cotton, microfiber, flannel or even bamboo! Let their personalities come through loud and clear with different sheet patterns, colors and cartoon characters. Get ready for year-round weather changes with blankets, comforters, duvet covers, quilts and coverlets. You can sleep easy, knowing you've assembled the perfect children's bedroom environment, no matter what weather happens outside. (Bonus Pro tip: bed skirts can create extra, out-of-view storage space for under-bed bins of toys.)

Kohl's knows that one of the challenges of being a parent is that those darn kids just keep on growing all the time. To offer a little help, we've made sure that we carry kids' bedding for toddlers as well as both little and big kids. You'll find kids' bedding in a number of different bed sizes as well. We've got kid-friendly bedding for toddler beds, twin beds, full beds and more. Not only do we have bedding they'll love, we also have it to fit just about any room!

For even more excitement, take their adventures on the road or invite friends over for a sleepover with kids' sleeping bags. Looking for a little girl-time? Keep the giggles coming with girls' sleeping bags. When it's time to lounge around the house or beat the chill, our kids' blankets can't be beat with fun prints and super cozy fabrics. But don't forget about the basics! Kids' bedding quilts are a must-have for everyday style and comfort.

Because kids' bedrooms aren't just for sleeping, make sure their space is perfect for play, games, friends and more with children's bedding from Kohl's. They'll love expressing themselves while staying warm, rested and ready for each day with our soft and playful bedding!

Toddler Bedding

Growing bodies and budding brains need lots of quality sleep to help along their development. Be sure to make the most out of both naptime and a full night's sleep with toddler bedding from Kohl's. The transition from a crib to a real-life, big-kid bed can be daunting. That's why we stock a large selection of toddler bedding to help them feel at home as they continue on their journey. You'll find bedding sets and separates that match their personalities and fit snuggly on to their new bed. Patterns, beloved characters, soothing snuggle pillows and more make sleep time exciting and something to look forward to. You'll even discover nap mats that can be transported anywhere to help them feel at home when they go to visit grandma or their cool uncle for the weekend.

Dorm Bedding

Back to school shopping is never quite as big a task as when you're heading off to university for the first time. Kohl's makes it easy to knock one big item off your list quickly: dorm bedding. You'll find bedspreads, comforters, duvet covers and more that are perfect for making your dorm room both stylish and functional.

Slip into your new sheets after a long evening at the library,and take a load off. Your 9 a.m. lecture isn't going away. Wrap up with your bestie in a comfy throw blanket as you discover Ingmar Bergman for the first time in your cinema studies course. Get a good night's rest with the help of weighted blankets before the big midterm. Kohl's has all the dorm bedding you need so you can relax and focus on making life-long memories.

Character Bedding

Help your little one make their bedroom their own with character bedding at Kohl's. No matter what fandom they love, we've got you covered. They can be the superhero of their own story, dreaming daring adventures. They can get lost in the exciting locales of their favorite video game. They can even blast off into space and join their heroes as they fight off despotic galactic rulers! Feed their imagination and help them own their sleeping space with character bedding. We've got tons of different styles for just about any interest they may have.

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