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Kids’ Duvet Covers

Help your child create a bedroom space they’re sure to love by picking up whimsical and charming kids’ bedding from Kohl’s! And just one type of bedding item that’s sure to add some style to their room is a kids’ duvet cover.

When you’re looking for bedding for you or your family, shop Kohl’s and find quilts, sheets, pillows, and more! Each item will add personality to the room, offer comfort, and upgrade the style and feel of the space!

What is a Duvet & Why Do You Need a Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover is pretty much just what it sounds like - it’s an envelope that slips over your duvet, serving as a protective and stylish cover for the top of your bedding. Duvet covers are a popular choice for bedding, as they tend to be easy to clean and maintain, offer a look that’s easy to add and also easy to change, and are an inexpensive way to add personality to your room.

So then, what is a duvet? A duvet is essentially a flat bag, similar to a comforter or quilt, that is filled with some kind of insulation (wool, feathers, down, or a synthetic material). A duvet differs from a comforter in that a duvet requires a cover for use, whereas a comforter can be used as-is.

Duvet covers are available in a variety of construction types, too, including cotton, polyester, or a blend of the two. Cotton is a material that is durable, easy to wash, offers a soft feel, and is breathable. Polyester is man made, and is even more durable than cotton. It also traps heat more than cotton, so it’s a good choice for those who like to keep nice and warm when they sleep.

Styles of Kids’ Duvet Covers

Kids’ duvet covers provide charm and appeal that your little ones are sure to enjoy, and you’re sure to welcome as part of your home’s look and feel! Kids will enjoy the adorable designs and patterns available, including airplanes, ballerinas, spaceships, sea creatures, and many more!

These classic designs are sure to coordinate with other kids’ bedding and room decor you’re already using, like curtains, wall art, sheet sets, and others. And if you want a whole new look for your child’s room, in which the new duvet cover matches everything else perfectly, be sure to browse the collections available in which the coordinating accents and decor are also available.

Shp Kohl’s for all your family’s bedding needs, including quilts, sheets, and duvet covers for your child’s room! With a complete collection of coordinating bedding, your child will rest at ease, feeling comfortable and cozy in a space that they’re sure to love!