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Furniture for Kids' Rooms

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to furnishing your kids’ rooms. Whether you’re dealing with a small room or a large one, you should always take advantage of vertical space. Every parent wants to make their space as unique (and cute) as their children are. Fortunately, Kohl’s offers many decorative styles from traditional and modern to playful and sophisticated.

What do You Need to Furnish a Kids' Bedroom?

Baby Bedroom

Preparing for that precious new addition means making his or her nursery as comfortable as possible. From baby bedding and crib mattresses to storage and decor, we have just what you need to complete your baby’s room. Complete the look and feel of your little one's new room with nursery furniture like bassinets, cradles, toddler beds, cribs, rocking chairs, and more! These great baby's room furniture options provide style and function that are sure to match any decor.

Toddler Bedroom

Is your toddler ready to ditch the crib and start sleeping in a big-kid bed? Once your toddler becomes more comfortable walking and talking, it’s time to make the transition from nursery furniture to toddler furniture. Some parents do it as early as 15 months while others wait until kids are around 3 years old. Be sure to explore toddler day beds, table and chair sets, and plenty of storage options to keep their toys in.

Kid Bedroom

Kids have a lot of work to do – like developing who they are and discovering the world. Having the right things at home can make things easier. From sturdy wood dressers to twin beds and plush mattresses, you’ll find plenty of that make organizing your child’s room a breeze. You can also encourage reading with small bookshelves, a small rocking chair, and fun wall decals featuring their favorite characters.

Tween Bedroom

Young tweens and teens need bedroom furniture that reflects their older age. They might want a full-size bed to sleep in at the end of a tough day. You might also want to give them a homework zone consisting of a desk, a small lamp, and other essentials. A nightstand may also be the ideal spot for a table lamp to keep prized possessions within reach until morning.

Kid’s Playroom

Are you looking to create a space that fosters learning, imagination, and creative play? Make room for kids of all ages to play, imagine, and believe in their very own playroom. Encourage your child's creativity with playroom furniture, such as a play kitchen set. Other options like play tables provide a space for the kiddos to work on fun art projects and other creative activities.