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Be shoe-enough to gear your child up in footwear to supply supportive steps along the road from toddlerhood to teenager. For all of the fantastic feats ahead for the kinetic kids, let Kohl's help pave the way with an incredible selection of shoes sure to fit for all seasons. Utilize our Size Charts to ensure proper fit for your youngster's ever-enlarging feet. Get a whole getup together with terrific ideas at Kohl's Clothing for Kids.

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Toddler Shoes Sizes 5-10

Toddlers move almost as quickly as they grow. Ensure their feet are properly supported throughout those sudden changes with our terrific toddler shoe collection at Kohl's.

Little Kids Shoes Sizes 11-3

The leap from toddlerhood is no little feat: shoe the surging child with hip style and comfort at Kohl's, sure to support the growing feet.

Big Kids Shoes Sizes 4-7

Next stop: the big time. Your child has outgrown toddlerhood and the little shoes of yesterday. It's time to level up the getting bigger all the time child and Kohl's has got you covered. Pack up all the things a growing child could need in one of Kohl's stylish Kids' Backpacks. Tie their entire wardrobe together with Kohl's great selection of Clothing for Kids.

Our easy-to-use foot sizing guide makes finding your child's size easy. Simply print this sheet on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and follow the directions below:

Tips for Measuring:

  1. Your child should be barefoot.
  2. Position their heel firmly on the heel line.
  3. Press toes flat against base of sizer.
  4. See the line that the longest toe touches for shoe size.
  5. Measure both feet, since one foot may be larger than the other.
  6. Purchase the size that fits the largest foot.

Click here to download sizing guide

Please note, this is a general guide. Sizes may vary by brand.

Browse by Style for Little and Big Kids' Shoes

Athletic Shoes & Sneakers

Kohl's is prepared to provide comfort and support for any child's active lifestyle: get them off and running with a pair of sporty shoes and sneakers for kids. You'll find your child's feet fit fantastically snug in these high-performance sneakers, featuring some of the top brands in athletic shoes. Kohl's supplies substance over style so that the child will be equipped with supportive, walk and run-ready athletic shoes and sneakers. Make room for all of daily essentials and items of great importance with Kids' Backpacks for those days on the move with your youngster. Pull the whole wardrobe together with Kohl's great selection of Clothing for Kids.

Casual Shoes & Sandals

Children of all ages and sizes need their feet fit for fun in the sun. Let sand slip through their toes in a pair of super-adorable sandals. Your youngster's steps will be beach and park ready for all that warm weather has to offer. From simple slip-ons to supportive straps for the rough and tumble customer, Kohl's sandals are ready for action.

Dress Shoes for Formalwear

Let's face it: every child has got to dress up sometimes. Key events, celebrations, graduations call for looking their best. Let Kohl's help: our selection of dress shoes for children will have your youngster ready for their closeup. Make the move to Kohl's for the special event in your life. Free tip: tell the child in your life that they can change back into their comfy clothes as soon as you get home. Complete the child's formalwear wardrobe and get more comfy clothes with our wide array of available duds at Kohl's Clothing for Kids.