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Cute & Cozy Pajamas for Kids

Our entire selection of kid’s pajamas offers many versatile options to choose from, so you'll find the sleepwear needed to keep your little ones looking and feeling their best. Shop Kohl’s today!

Kid’s One-piece Pajamas

No doubt about it - pajamas are the ultimate relaxation garments. Your little one will enjoy cozying up on the couch and rolling out of bed in a comfy pair of footed pajamas. Featuring a zip front and long sleeves, one-piece pajamas are perfect for keeping them warm and comfortable all night long. Similar to a bodysuit, footed pajamas are a loose-fitting nighttime jumpsuit. They’re mostly intended as loungewear or sleepwear but some styles can also be worn as streetwear. One-piece pajamas are typically made of knit cotton, fleece, or polyester to maximize comfy lounging everywhere they go.

Kid’s Pajama Sets

Are you looking to give kids a more consistent look for bedtime? Or, maybe you just want to take a more convenient route? Either way, perusing our collection of pajama sets may provide the answers you're looking for. They're a versatile option, so they can be worn in most climates. Our pajama sets consist of bold, fun, and colorful designs that are sure to match whatever interests your little one may have. Whether they want to rock their favorite sports teams, characters, or colors, their personality is sure to shine.

Robes for Kids

Comfortable clothing is important for any occasion, and bedtime is definitely an essential one. Your little one will enjoy cozying up on the couch and rolling out of bed in a comfy bathrobe. Make your kiddos nighttime wardrobe reflect their fun personality with characters from their favorite shows and movies. Whether they want to enjoy a cookie in a Cookie Monster robe or use their spider senses on their next adventure in a Spiderman bathrobe, they’ll absolutely love the way they look.

Slippers for Boys & Girls

Treat their feet to everyday comfort with a warm pair of slippers. Slippers are ideal for wearing around the house to keep their feet cozy and protected. Bootie shoes offer easy slip-on styling and provide full coverage around the back of their feet. Alternatively, clog style shoes offer complete coverage around the toe areas, with an open back at the heel. These slippers also tend to have a thick, sturdy sole for extra traction.

Your child's bedtime comfort is important for a good night's sleep, and Kohl's has the kid's sleepwear needed to get them there! Whether you’re searching for kid’s gowns, tops, or bottoms, our selection of kid’s pajamas is sure to please and ensure that they’re comfortable each and every night.

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