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Coats for Toddlers

The way to ensure you have a great start to your day is to make sure that your kid's clothing is not only cute but comfortable too. When a child is comfortable they are free to play, explore, and learn about the world around them. Kohl's offers a wonderful assortment of toddler coats to help your kid feel amazing everyday!

Toddlers love to be outside. Be sure they have the right jacket or coat for the weather so they can fully enjoy their time playing. Toddler rain coats are perfect for staying dry when jumping in puddles and enjoying the rainfall. When colder weather hits and snow replaces rain, choose from our great selection of toddler winter coats. With a warm winter coat, your toddler will be able to safety spend enough time outside to burn off that near-endless energy. You'll find the best toddler boy and toddler girl coats at Kohl's! No matter what you choose, you know your kid will be happy.

For easy and effortless toddler jackets & coats, Kohl's has everything you need!