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King Size Blankets & Throws

You’ll feel like the king of your castle with a brand new, soft and comfortable king size blanket from Kohl’s! If royal comfort is what you seek, Kohl’s has what you’re looking for! With plenty of options to keep all members of your royal court warm, we are sure to be your one-stop shop for all things blankets!

So put the finishing touches on any room in your home by adding a royally soft blanket! No matter which one you choose, it’s sure to be fit for a king, queen, prince, or princess!

What Kinds of King Size Blankets are Available?

As one would expect, Kohl’s provides plenty of options in our wide assortment of blankets. From full-on, cold-weather coverings, to lightweight throw blankets that offer just enough to enhance your comfort, we have them all!

So let’s take a look at some of the types of king-size blankets at your disposal, so you can be best prepared for your shopping experience!

Cotton blankets are ideal for pretty much any time of the year. They are fairly lightweight, so they are best used in cold months in conjunction with a more substantial blanket, or in warmer months as a light covering.

Fleece blankets are cozy, extra warm, and just what royalty deserves when looking for an everyday covering! They are good at wicking away moisture, which helps keep the user always warm and dry.

Reversible blankets are another versatile option to use at your castle, as they offer two different sides that lend different degrees of comfort and softness, depending on which side you keep close to your skin.

Down alternative blankets are yet another option to consider. Down alternative comforters are made with synthetic materials that mimic the insulating properties of natural down feathers. Down alternative blankets tend to be more affordable than those that use actual down feathers, and they are also more comfortable for royalty that suffers from allergies.

Other styles to look out for include Egyptian cotton blankets, Vellux blankets, flannel blankets, and so much more!

No matter which blanket you choose, you know you’ll find the one that’s ideal for any head of the castle! Our selection of blankets is sure to make Kohl’s your one-stop shop for all things cozy!

So get ready to add some royal appeal to your home with a brand new king-size blanket from Kohl’s! Your friends and family will be ready to crown your living space as the most inviting and comfortable in all the land with a new blanket that'll make anyone feel like a king!