King Size Duvet Covers

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King Size Duvet Covers

Your bedroom has the greatest potential for a decorative makeover. There are a near-infinite number of ways to customize your bedroom and they all begin with the bedding you choose. King size duvet covers easily slip over your duvet insert or comforter, which allows you to quickly and affordably refresh your room. They typically have a button closure to conceal the insert and protect it from dirt and dust. Some duvet covers also feature corner ties to help anchor your insert to the duvet cover to minimize shifting. Shop Kohl's today for all of the bedding essentials and home decor that your home needs!

What’s the Difference Between Duvets & Comforters?

The truth is that duvets and comforters are pretty similar to each other. While all duvets are a type of comforter, not all comforters are duvets. A comforter is a blanket made of fabric (one with a design or not) that is filled with stuffing material, but it does not require any additional coverage. These blankets are meant to be cleaned as-is and often can be challenging to fit in some smaller size washers. Sometimes these comforters are also made of dry-clean-only fabric, which can make it difficult to clean them regularly.

On the other hand, duvets are white cotton comforters filled with down, silk, or polyester. They are also referred to as "duvet inserts." These "inserts" should be used with a duvet cover. A duvet cover is a thin shell that covers your duvet like a pillowcase covers a pillow. A duvet cover can come equipped with strings or other attachments on the inside to keep your duvet insert in place. While it is not essential to cover your duvet, we recommend it to protect your duvet insert from dirt and everyday wear and tear.

Duvet Covers Come in Various Sizes

Not only does using a duvet cover make it easier to change the look and feel of your bed quickly, but it also makes keeping your comforter clean a breeze. Simply remove the duvet cover and throw it in the wash with your sheets and that's it! This is especially useful if you have a large king or California king size bed. Kohl's offers multiple sizes, whether it be queen duvets, twin duvet covers, or twin xl (for your college kid), the options are endless. With our selection of duvet inserts and duvet cover sets, you won't want to miss a wink of sleep.

Other Bedding Essentials


The main purpose of comforters is to add style and another layer of comfort to your bed. Comforters typically have a polyester fiberfill and come in a variety of weights to give a lofty and cozy appearance. A good fit allows the comforter to drop over the side of the mattress and overhang the bed skirt or a platform bed frame.

Quilts & Coverlets

Quilts and coverlets are a lighter bedding option with a thinner fill. They are usually held together with intricate stitching that provides just as much style as the print itself. They're a great choice because they offer a layered look with the addition of blankets and comforters for customized warmth and style.


Bedspreads, much like coverlets and quilts, are a lightweight option for your stylish bed. However, they offer a lighter weight alternative to the traditional comforter. They are designed to fall lower off the sides of the bed and brush the floor lightly. They cover the frame and can act as a replacement for a bed skirt.

Whether you're going for a more contemporary look or you prefer vintage appeal, you'll find exactly the right bedding when you shop Kohl's!