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Pining for the perfect pot for pasta? Searching for a baking sheet worthy of those chocolate chip cookies you make that are the envy of everyone at the office? Dreaming of that gorgeous salad bowl to act as the centerpiece of your dinner table, stuffed full of freshly washed, delicious greens? Look no further, because it's easy to cook up and serve the meals you know you were made to make with all of the kitchenware and dinnerware available at Kohl's and

From traditional pots and pans to specialized dishes that'll help you make the ethnic dishes that help define your family's roots, it's easy to find the cookware you're looking for, be it for simple, yet sumptuous panini sandwiches or complex rouxs and root-based soups.

Plus, whether you need a single braising pan or a whole 11-piece set of pots and pans and accompanying lids, we've got cookware in every color, shape and size to make meals of every flavor, texture and taste. Plus, with traditional cookware that's hard anodized to the latest copper-clad technology, cooking your favorite dinners and cleaning up after them once you've taken the final bite has never been easier.

But every meal deserves the perfect beverage partner. So whether you like a nice glass of red with your steak, or a wholesome glass of milk with your cookies, there's as many different types of glassware as their are spices. And for those of you who enjoy a steaming hot, fresh cup of brewed beans to finish off your meal, we've also got a range of mugs in every color of the rainbow and every size from a shot of espresso to a giant mug of coffee.

And, when it is time to clean up your culinary masterpiece, you're sure to find the perfect dish rack or dish towel with our range of kitchen accessories. From the whimsical to the functional, the traditional to the modern, or the stand-alone or wall-mounted paper towel holder, it is easy to find here at Kohl's everything your kitchen needs to make every meal your tastebuds crave.