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Kitchen Rugs at Kohl's

The kitchen is the central hub of your home: it's where you bring people together over fine food, refreshments and conversation. Making your kitchen comfortable is essential to your lifestyle: let Kohl's compliment your kind kitchen with a wonderful collection of rugs, available in many colors, sizes and styles. Combine your kitchen rug's colors, styles and patterns with a multitude of essential kitchen appliances, available at Kohl's.

Beige Kitchen Rugs

Beige serves the kitchen environment just right: brighter than brown, lighter than white, beige kitchen rugs blend in while still standing out. Ideal for tying together any color scheme, a beige kitchen rug belongs in YOUR kitchen. Bring beige beauty to life with a fine collection of kitchen accessories at Kohl's.

Blue Kitchen Rugs

Big blue brings solid soul into the kitchen flow. Robust bursts of blue can be a blessing to an otherwise beige or white room. Like the blue sky meeting the horizon, bold blue in the kitchen catches the eye. Blow blue's fresh air into your kitchen and add accent with our lineup of lovely linens and kitchen towels at Kohl's.

Brown Kitchen Rugs

Brown has been found to be a cool color to be around: earthy and pleasing to the eye, brown will complement whatever color scheme graces your kitchen. If you aren't sure about your kitchen color, when push comes to shove, go brown; it'll never make you frown. Piece your pallet together in harmony with our heartfelt offering of kitchen wall decor at Kohl's.

Grey Kitchen Rugs

If you're looking for a color that can mix and match with anything, grey is a great choice. Regardless of your kitchen's color palette, grey plays nice with any assortment of decor, feel or flow. Go grey for your kitchen and unleash ROYGBIV all over the place. Get grey together with the patterns and styles of your choice, choosing among our assortment of kitchen utensils and tools at Kohl's.

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2' x 3' Kitchen Rugs

Perfect for the space in front of the kitchen sink or fridge, this size allows for stabilized standing while doing dishes or contemplating your next culinary conquest. Allow accented colors and patterns to flow seamlessly along your counterspace, island cart or appliance. Easy to vacuum and clean, kitchen rugs are no fuss, no muss. Keep your rug in tiptop shape with a wide variety of vacuums, available at Kohl's.

3 'x 5' Kitchen Rugs

Ideal for central location in the kitchen, this size provides ample coverage for keeping the kitchen floor warmed during winter or just a comfy place for your pet to snooze while he or she dreams of scraps cascading to the floor. Maintain your kitchen floor centerpiece rug and all other areas of your kitchen with a fine offering of cleaning supplies for the kitchen from Kohl's.