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Lanterns for the Inside & Outside of Your Home

Get ready to shine a light inside and outside of your home with lanterns from Kohl's! Decorative lanterns and candle lanterns are enchanting ways to add a comfortable, inviting touch to your space. Shop Kohl’s to find lanterns in every size, shape, color, and style for any space in your house.

History of Lanterns

Lanterns impart a softer glow than other types of lighting options, helping to set the mood in your space. In the past, lanterns consisted of a candle or a wick enclosed in a container to protect the flame against strong winds. Lanterns for everyday use were made from metal and glass and were popular in the 1700s. Then, oil lanterns and gas lanterns became the norm until electric light superseded them.

Many lanterns today are electrical and require battery power or solar energy to keep them lit. Because of this, people use them when camping, in emergency situations, and on other occasions. Now, you’ll find that various types of decorative lanterns have made their way to the forefront of home decor.

How to Decorate with Lanterns

One way to decorate with lanterns is to place them along your backyard fence or patio. Many can be used outdoors to spread the glow to your garden. Not only can light brighten up decks and pathways but exterior lighting offers people a great sense of safety. Lanterns can also make beautiful accents in everyday decor or in special events, such as weddings or parties. You can find decorative lanterns in just about any material that you want. Metal, plastic, wood, and glass lanterns are sure to be perfect options for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

These items aren't just functional but stylish as well. They can coordinate with any furnishings or decor options inside and outside of your home. When adding candle lanterns inside, scale matters. So be sure the lantern you use is the right size for the room it’s in. For instance, rather than using candles, you can use a large indoor lantern as a table centerpiece in your kitchen or dining room for an elegant dining experience. Want to add a stylish accent piece to your mantel? Try adding a large lantern or two smaller ones to draw the viewer’s gaze.

Lantern Materials

Candle lanterns and electric light candle lanterns can brighten up your space in style. If one lantern doesn’t provide enough light, you can always hang a group of them together to light up the room. When decorating a deck with lanterns, you’ll find that a wooden lantern may be the best option to help match the decor. Metal or wood lanterns work great when hung on fence posts or walkways as they are better able to withstand strong winds and erratic weather.

Finding lanterns that can match your indoor space is easy as well. If you have a coastal theme inside of a room, opt for a glass lantern with a silver finish that will go with the cool-toned colors on the walls. For a rustic look, consider a plastic lantern with a bronze finish to bring together a cozy feel.

Other Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Essentials

From traditional pendant designs to more modern lighting, it is easy to find the right ceiling lights for your bedroom, family room, or dining area. And with lampshades in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors, you can easily redecorate any room in seconds to keep your entertaining space fresh, fun, and new. Plus, our range of wall lights makes it easy to add that final touch of style to any hallway or entryway.

So, go ahead and flip the switch on functionality and style with all the indoor and outdoor lighting that your home needs!