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Kids Light-up Shoes

Let your kids blaze exciting new trails with kids LED light-up shoes from Kohl's! LED shoes are the newest fashion item that every kid is talking about and every kid wants. Most children would be happy to own a pair of these beautiful and amazing shoes. They not only enhance the appearance of just about any outfit, but they also give out beautiful colored lighting that get kids revved up and ready for anything. Kohl's has all the latest styles from yours kids' favorite brands including Skechers and Stride-Rite as well as light-up shoes featuring their favorite movie like Disney/Pixar's Toy Story and Cars.

Trends come and go but the appeal of light-up shoes for kids has stood the test of time. Featuring built-in LED lighting, kids' light-up shoes from Kohl's blaze a colorful trail of attitude behind your kids, instantly brightening up their days. Whether they're high-tops or low-tops or they fasten with laces or straps, light-up shoes outshine regular sneakers any day of the week.

But with ever-evolving technology, choosing the perfect pair isn't exactly a walk in the park. Some shoes come with a variety of settings that make shoes flash and change colors; others even have a remote control as well for your child to take charge of the fun. Before you buy, you'll also want to consider the materials, battery life (and the benefits of rechargeable models), and the importance of waterproofing, so your kid's favorite shoes will last a long time.

Kids' light-up shoes typically fall into one of two basic categories: pressure-activated and rechargeable.

  • Pressure-activated. These light-up shoes feature built-in sensors that require kids to step, stomp, or jump for the lights to come on. Not surprisingly, pressure-activated models are incredibly effective at getting kids up and moving. Because the LEDs only light-up when pressure is applied, the chances of pre-installed batteries outliving the shoes themselves are good.
  • Rechargeable. Equipped with USB charging ports and control switches, usually located somewhere near the heel collar or inside the tongue, these shoes remain lit up until they're switched off or the battery dies. Although rechargeable models tend to have a battery life of only a few hours, most charge reasonably quickly, and they often boast variable light settings as well.

Light Placement

LEDs can be installed in various areas on a shoe, so don't forget to give some thought to light placement. While traditional light-up shoes typically have LEDs fitted around the entire sole, some only light-up in the heel or toe area. Still others feature light-up graphics on the shoe itself, usually in the form of beloved cartoon characters, popular kids' movie themes, or brand-specific emblems.


Focusing all your attention on the lighting system is an easy trap to fall into, but shoes that are all flash and no substance won't last very long. Kids certainly have a knack for putting gear to the test, and light-up shoes are bound to see some heavy wear in the first few weeks. Below are the materials to look for to make the shoes last:

  • On the soles: To ensure that they last long after the initial novelty has worn off, look for light-up shoes with a durable construction. Robust rubber soles will go the extra mile while also providing traction to keep little ones from slipping while they skip, hop, or dance.
  • On the uppers: When it comes to the shoe's upper, look for age-appropriate materials. For instance, shiny PU leather shoes can be ideal for adolescents, but they're likely to suffer serious scuffs and scrapes. When choosing light-up shoes for the younger crowd, sturdy fabrics, genuine leather, or faux leather with reinforced toe caps might be better

Kids' light-up shoes have been around for years and the way the fashion trends seem to be going they'll be around for a long time to come. And as long as they are, you can count on Kohl's to have all the latest styles.

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