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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Luggage

Awaken your wanderlust and begin your search for quality Luggage & Suitcase essentials at Kohl's! Discover our wide selection of carry-on luggage, checked luggage, and more to make your next trip your best one yet. With dozens of brands available including American Tourister, Samsonite, and Travelopro, you'll find just what you're looking for to travel in style. From family trips to corporate affairs, Kohl's is your one-stop-shop for all your travel needs!

1. Check the Weight of the Luggage

With strict airline rules and regulations, weight is an important factor to consider when purchasing luggage. A suitcase that's already heavy before you even pack it can put a limit on the number of items you can bring, thus posing a threat to your trip. Instead, opt for lightweight luggage with durable construction to keep your items safe and secure. Featuring ample storage and smooth-gliding spinner wheels for easy mobility, you'll find just what you need to travel stylishly and confidently!

2. Consider the Size

Luggage restrictions for airlines list the linear dimensions of a bag, or the sum of the height, width and depth. Typically, the maximum carry-on size is 45 linear inches or smaller. Any bag that is larger than 45 inches is considered an upright or checked bag.

Upright and carry-on bags are measured from the retractable handle top to the bottom of the wheels. If your carry-on is expandable, make sure the expanded dimensions fall within these guidelines or pack flat for carry-on use. Most types of luggage are differentiated by the height of the suitcase in inches.

Luggage Size Guide:

Small carry-on

18-20-in. height
A suitcase this size is ideal for short trips and can be used as carry-on bags for most airlines.

Large carry-on

21-22-in. height
This type of suitcase still must be 45 linear inches or less to be used as carry-on for most airlines. The larger storage capacity is ideal for weekend travels or business trips.

Small upright

23-24-in. height
Small upright bags are greater than 46 linear inches and will have to be checked for most airlines. These bags often feature multiple interior pockets to help keep you organized for longer trips.

Medium upright

25-27-in. height
Medium uprights will also have to be checked for most airlines, and offer a greater packing capacity than a small upright.

Large upright

28-in. height and above
Large uprights feature the most amount of packing space and are ideal for extended trips. In order to avoid extra airline fees for checked bags, it is recommended your suitcase be less than 50 lbs. when traveling by plane.

Look for Quality Material

In general, there are two types of luggage - hardside and softside. When it comes to choosing between the two, both are a stunning choice for all your travel needs but there are some differences to be aware of.

If you tend to travel more frequently, then hardside luggage is your best bet to stand up to the rigors of travel. The exterior shell offers protection and long-lasting durability due to a lightweight, polycarbonate alloy material. With industry-leading standards and eye-catching designs, hardside luggage makes traveling effortless for frequent flyers and occasional travelers alike.

And for those who enjoy the benefits of exterior compartments and pockets, get ready to experience the convenience and style of softside luggage. With features such as compression straps to keep your clothing neatly packed and self-mending coil zippers for flawless closure, you'll be ready to take off in style for your next getaway. Furthermore, softside luggage is a great carry-on item because they're lightweight and can easily squeeze into an overhead bin.

4. Examine the Suitcase Features

Spinner Luggage: Spinner wheels glide easily for seamless mobility and offer the convenience of a smooth ride.

Laptop Luggage: Take your technology with you wherever you go with laptop luggage from Kohl's.

Luggage Sets: Luggage sets from Kohl's are everything you need to travel the world with your family. Choose from 2 piece, 3 piece, 4 piece sets and more!

Packing capacity: Interior space in your luggage that allows for packing. Some luggage looks big, but has obstructions (like the frame and retractable handle pipes) that don't allow as much space.

Hardside: Made from materials like ABS plastic and polycarbonate, hardside luggage provides long-lasting durability and protection. Also look for expandable hardsides to give you additional packing space.

In-line skate wheels: Small, often side-mounted wheels that give your luggage mobility.

Denier: Measures the thickness of the fiber in a fabric, and indicates the material's durability.

Ribbed corner guards: Keep the fabric extra protected in the area where it's bumped the most.

Integrated ID tag: ID tag sewn directly onto your luggage rather than hanging off the handle. It offers more reliability, so your luggage returns to you in case it's misplaced.

Telescoping handle: Retractable handles work with wheeled bags to help roll your luggage if it's too heavy for you to carry.

Fully lined interior: An extra layer of protection for your clothes from outside elements.

Expandability: Certain luggage offers a zippered compartment that contains several inches of additional fabric, so it expands in an instant.

Compartments: Look for sealable compartments, like wet packs, shoe bags and toiletry pockets to keep wet or dirty items separate from your clean clothes.

Tie-down straps: Interior tie-down straps keep clothes neat and contained during transport.

5. Accessorize

Packing cubes

Packing cubes come in a variety of sizes and help you to organize clothes and accessories while traveling. Sometimes, these items include exterior labels to help you locate your belongings quickly.

Luggage locks

Protect the contents of your suitcase or bag with a combination or key luggage lock.

Luggage tags

If your luggage does not come with a built-in ID tag, removable tags help identify your bag or suitcase.

Compression bags

To keep your luggage compact, compression bags vacuum pack clothes to maximize your packing space.