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Men's Sneakers & Athletic Shoes

Being an athlete means a lot of things: style, substance, sports and shoes! Shoes supply the support for any man looking to endure the long run. Men's sneakers and athletic shoes from Kohl's are sure to secure your feet for any athletic endeavor. Heck, even if you're just wearing the shoes because they look cool, we've got you covered. Kohl's sneakers and athletic shoes feature brands and styles certain to bring together the look that suits you. Running shoes, cross-training shoes, basketball shoes or just athletic sneakers for style..we've got 'em all. Give a gander at our astounding array of athletic shoes and sneakers: for the games you've always played and for the victory you've craved, we have the shoes.

Men's Running Shoes

To the man on the run, we say: speed over to Kohl's. If running or jogging keeps you satisfied and gives you all you need, keep pace in the race and lace up a pair of men's running shoes designed by some of the top brands. Constructed with consideration for the long run, our running shoes for men are built to last. Let Kohl's supply style and substance to shave seconds off your best time with sturdily built running shoes set to protect your feet from unforgiving surfaces and elements. Men's running shoes have never been easier to find and faster to put on your feet...get to Kohl's with time to spare for your next fun run, marathon, triathlon or simple stroll around the block.

Mens Cross-Training Shoes

If it's off the beaten path you reign, Kohl's cross-training shoes for men that offer more for you to gain. The sign of a cross-trainer looks a lot like the man who is ready for everything: Rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond, call him what you will. He's hiking on the trail, running along the beach, exploring suburban sprawl, you name it. Kohl's has what you will need to be cross-training in style, support and comfort. Our cross-training shoes will help you adapt to the unknown terrain of the woods, pavement, sand, wherever you may roam.

Men's Fashion Athletic Sneakers

Gentlemen, start your interest: it's not a crime to look good while you get where you're going. Men's fashion athletic sneakers from Kohl's make it easy to pair cool kicks with your casual Friday gear. In fact, many of these shoes reveal easy style to blend perfectly anywhere, whether it's with workday clothing or your laidback evening and weekend duds. In fashion athletic sneakers for men, you'll redefine anywhere, bringing fly footwear style wherever you may roam: where you lay your foot is home.

Men's Basketball Shoes

If the basketball court is your throne, make sure you are driving the lane with your feet crowned in glory: Kohl's is running full with you and ready to dish for the easy hoop. Check our slam dunk styles, featuring some of the top brands in men's basketball shoes. Kohl's has men's basketball shoes with the styles, performance and supportive construction to ensure you'll be scoring from jump ball to the final buzzer. Whether you are on the visiting team, in a dunk contest, shooting threes for fun or just stylin', Kohl's men's basketball shoes are sure to make you feel like you are starring on the home team. Let Kohl's provide the assist to complete your triple-double: the best basketball shoes for the rebound, pass and score!