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Belts for Men

It's time to be fitted for a championship belt. Don't worry, we're not trying to start a fight. Far from it; in fact, finding a belt has never been simpler or more practical. Kohl's has got everything you need to ensure this simple, yet essential component of your everyday stockpile of office, casual and formal pants and shorts. Read on for a super-convenient Belt Size Chart, a list of styles, including leather belts, canvas belts and fabric belts. We've also included features and some key additions to consider during your belt browse.

Belt Size Chart

When it comes to belt sizes, prevailing wisdom says: size up x2. Of course, not all belts will fit exactly the way you want; having said that, using Kohl's Belt Size Chart offers a solid baseline for matching waist and belt size.

Size Chart
Pant SizeBelt Size

To ensure a proper fit, select a belt that is at least 2 inches larger than your pants size. For example, if your waist is 33 or 34 inches, choose a belt that is 36 inches.

Size chart is a general guide. It may include sizes that are unavailable for this item.

Belts by Style and Occasion

Whether it's workday leather belt styles you're seeking, or more casual fabric belts or canvas belts, Kohl's is buckled up and ready. Take a look at our handy belt buyer's guide, including reversible belts, golf belts and even suspenders.

Black Belts

A tour de force of handsomeness, every man needs a black belt in his arsenal. Perfect for formal events of all sorts. You don't even have to commit to years of lessons for this black belt!

Brown Belts

An essential classic, the brown belt ties together your everyday ensemble and transitions easily into weekend wear.

Casual Belts

These relaxed, yet handsome belts bring laid back style and performance to your casual Friday and weekends. Understated and durable, these are belts for all seasons.

Reversible Belts

Tired of brown? Go black. Black not working for you? Get back to brown. Ideal if you prefer just one belt for formal occasions.

Big & Tall Belts

Tired of tight belts that never seem to fit right? Kohl's has got you covered, big guy.

Golf Belts

The boss and Jensen from accounting are making you go golfing again: complete your links look with a great golf belt. Tip: let the client's team win (but not by too much).


A practical measure to maintain comfort, a good pair of suspenders not only keeps everything in place, it's also a bold statement that says "I can pull this off." It may also say that you're from Ork, which is pretty cool, too.


Beyond the Belt: Pants, Shirts and Shoes to "Tie" it all Together

Men's Pants

Bet your belt will pair perfectly with pants from Kohl's selection of some of the top brands. From classic khakis to sleek slacks to casual shorts, the belt brings it together.

Men's Shirts

Buckle up and tuck in a cool, comfortable shirt from our collection of casual and formal shirts. From button-down style to playful polos and terrific tees, we've got your top covered.

Men's Shoes

Belts and shoes are made to match: pick a pair that compliments your new belt. Shoes: "You look great." Belt: "Thanks, shoes."


Take time for a new tie: bring your belt to the party, too. Put together a classy combo to make an impression during interviews, reviews, weddings and evenings out with that special someone.