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Things to Know When Shopping for Blazers and Suits

What's the difference between a blazer, sports jacket, and a suit jacket?

With three different jacket types, you've probably spent a lot of time wondering what the differences between them are. It mostly comes down to occasion which makes your choice fairly straightforward. It's important to internalize this, because wearing the wrong coat to the wrong occasion can be a major faux pas.

It's not that you won't look good in any of these coats, no it's that you simply may not look nice enough for a black tie event in a sports jacket. When it comes to looking your best, you don't need to figure that out on your own. Kohl's has your back with this one. Below you can find plenty of insight on which jacket you need, and how to make it work for you.

How to maximize your style

Maximizing your style isn't too hard when you're working with these kinds of jackets. They're borderline timeless, and ubiquitous with the masculine silhouette. It's important that with most outfits and styles you simply can't go wrong, assuming you're pairing the right one with the right style. Let's get to it:

Wearing your blazer

Blazers are the middle of the road choice when you're looking to class up your dress outfit. They tend to be a little looser and less structured across the shoulders and chest, which means you can do a little more with layering. They can also be used in some casual situations, say, if your outfit is business casual.

The big thing to remember with blazers is that they're made separately from any other pieces, so you'll never find something that is a 100% match for it. This is primarily when they're a no go for formal events, because when everybody is wearing a matching suit, and you're not, you'll stick out.

Wearing your suit

As said previously, suits are constructed from the same materials for the jacket, pants, and any other included items (such as a vest). This creates a completely cohesive look that you cannot accomplish with a blazer or sports jacket. The sacrifice you make with a suit is that you're playing with more straightforward colors like gray, black, and navy.

With that said, if you're attending any sort of black tie/dress occasion, then the suit is a non-negotiable outfit. It's important to own a suit for these reasons, so that you can maintain your sense of style no matter what, and no matter where.

Wearing your sports jacket

Sports jackets are by the far most casual of the bunch (given their name). They can come in an array of fabrics and colors, which makes them far more compatible with outfits than the other two. With that increased flexibility comes more ways to take your outfit to the next level, be it your favorite nightlife look or your go-to for Sunday brunch.

Accessorizing to tie your look together

Picking the right coat is definitely important to pulling together your outfits. It can give you a great silhouette or add a serious fashion edge. Sometimes, you need just a little bit more to tie the look down, and that's why any fashionable guy needs to consider owning some accessories.


Going to a black tie event? Think simple and understated. The point of black tie is conversation, so you should be mindful to dress well, but not loudly. This same rule applies to your accessories. It's about complementing subtlety rather than destroying it. When dressing for business, it's okay to go a bit more flashy. A substantial watch (larger profile, flashier) is definitely what you want, since it makes a strong statement about you.


Business casual is definitely the best place to wear a bow tie. All too often the workplace ends up being a dull ride, where fashion goes to die. But what if you could spruce things up? Grab a spiffy bow tie, and pair it with your usual attire, to level it up.

However, there are select instances where a bow tie is not appropriate, and a normal tie should be your choice. As your often accustomed to finding ties that match your outfits, consider learning a new knot to add an extra layer of class to your outfit. As long as your tie does not clash with your outfit, you're good to go.


When in doubt, cufflinks are a great way to add to your already crisp look. These can be used to express a lot of personality in professional circles, as they're low profile. Yet, each set has its own unique qualities and quirks to discover, which can give just the right touch of you to your suit.