Men's Brown Dress Shoes

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Men's Brown Dress Shoes

Take a fashionable first step with a brand new pair of men's brown dress shoes. Perfect for the office, special events, or a stylish night out, a new pair of brown dress shoes can add simple sophistication to your formal look.

While looking for that ideal pair of dress shoes, be sure to shop for all your other dressy essentials. With a complete dress wardrobe, you can feel confident in looking your best when the situation calls for it.

Men's Dress Shoe Styles

As you begin your dress shoe browsing, it's best to fully understand the different styles of men's dress shoes and which style is the best fit in your collection.

Oxford Shoes

One style that is quite popular is men's brown Oxford dress shoes. Oxford dress shoes are known for their closed lacing system, which sets them apart from other dress shoe options. Oxford shoes also feature a low heel and an exposed ankle. While they tend to be worn mostly for formal occasions, various styles of Oxford shoes can be dressed up or down, providing added versatility.

Dress Boots

Another option in the catalogue of dressy footwear is men's brown dress boots. Dress boots offer a longer shaft which covers the ankle, but they retain many of the same properties as Oxford dress shoes.

Another style of men's boot is the Chelsea boot, which omits laces and has a slip-on styling. Also, while dress boots might have one of a variety of toe styles, a Chelsea boot most often features a plain toe.


One last popular dress shoe style that fits easily into your formal ensemble is the men's brown dress loafer. Loafers are known for their slip-on styling, moccasin-like design, and saddle that runs across the foot. The saddle can feature a decoration in the form of a tassel, metal ornament, or slit (as in the case of penny loafers).

How To Wear Men's Brown Dress Shoes

After picking out the perfect pair of men's brown dress shoes, you'll want to know exactly the situations in which the shoes will make the most impact.

Not surprisingly, brown dress shoes easily pair well with business suits - namely your standard two- and three-piece styles. They can be worn with suits ranging in color from dark navy to dark brown. That said, it's best to avoid brown dress shoes when wearing a black suit.

If you do go with a pair of brown dress shoes to pair with your suit, a rule of thumb when attempting to keep your look more formal is to choose a shade of brown dress shoes darker than your suit. If you're going for a look that's more adventurous, wear a lighter pair of shoes and make a statement that will definitely get noticed. Ultimately, the choice is up to you!

One last note on wearing brown dress shoes with a suit: be sure to coordinate the color of your shoes with your belt. While the materials may be different, the colors of the two items should match as closely as possible.

Brown dress shoes can also be worn with casual bottoms, like jeans. Wearing an elevated shoe with denim brings the look to a smart-casual level, making it perfect for the office or weekends with friends out on the town.

Other Men's Dress Essentials

With the perfect pair of men's brown dress shoes in your collection, it's time to work on completing your total formal look.

A great place to start is Kohl's assortment of men's suits and suit separates. Here, you can find the right option you need to make an impression at your next formal event.

Next, take a look at the various men's dress accessories available, like dress socks, ties, belts, and wallets. These simple, yet vital parts of your ensemble enhance the look even more.

Starting with a pair of men's brown dress shoes, you can create a timeless look that is perfect for all your special occasions.